ETOH distribution

Hello, I am posting to peek the interests of my peers here on Future4200.

I have the ability to offer extremely aggressive pricing for solvents and am looking to lock down some contracts with labs, or lab managers.

I am curious as to what distributors, other than 710spirits, are currently offering, and if there is space to compete.

I am able to offer:
CDA-12-A(N-heptane) (denatured Etoh)
200 proof Ethanol
N-Heptane, pure
Hexanes, ACS

If you are interested in discussing pricing options please contact me at:

Any Feedback is appreciated,
Knowledge speaks wisdom listens.

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I’m looking for 200proof food grade/kosher NON-denatured ONLY! Ethanol.

5 gallon buckets

Also a price on
99% iso (I use lots to clean with)
5 gallon buckets


I eat threw a lot of 99.5 anhydrous isopropyl. Typically I get it off amazon. With prime for $75 for 4 gallons shipped in 2 days. I’d be happy buying it cheaper!

Isopropyl Alcohol Grade 99% Anhydrous - 4 Gallon

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I would like to know the price on this too. Shipping is also an important part of the price.

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In for 5 gal 200 proof or 190 shipped to Maine. I get 5g 710spirits for 112 shipped to Maine, can you beat that?


Dear Everyone who replied:
Do you have an email address that I could quote you directly?
Our numbers are very competitive, but I do not wish to post them publicly.
Feel Free to reach me @
I really look forward to hearing from you.

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As you may know we sell all of the liquid solvents you listed as well as many other materials for hemp and cannabis oil manufacture and processing.

I’m sure you get a great deal in bulk and want to compete, but this is a rather contested space.

If you would like to discuss sourcing materials from us that you don’t currently offer, please contact

Our catalog items are from world wide industry leading manufacturing partners. Many of our products have been imitated but never replicated.



Yeah thats a hard price point to beat on the regular for small volumes. They must have a fullfilment center near you guys. :beers:

We sell 99% IPA in 5/55/270 gallon units but prefer 55 gallon if possible. You can get our 5 gallons from Lab Society by calling.

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DM on here. I dont like to give out email addys just for quotes. Lots of ppl sell email addys. I get tired of sending 80% of my emails to spam daimy