Looking for a ethanol source in new Brunswick canada


Might just know someone please get in touch

Canadian based Ethanol available for direct shipment within Canada and the US.

Hello, Our company has a warehouse in Ontario and can easily meet your needs. What products are you looking for?

Our companies based in Florida and Texas, USA has ethanol extracting equipments…contact our director in charge of sales and distribution on WhatsApp +16692097836 or you may email our service head of department at:

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I’m looking for something atleast 95 % and non denatured recently I’ve been using global 94 from Quebec

Thanks for the reply. We can supply both 95 and 100% alcohol. We have a warehouse in Toronto to assist. Roughly how much do you use?

I’d be looking for around 15 20 liters

We can assist. I can offer for $30 a liter plus freight from Toronto. This includes excise.
Would that work?

That’s sounds like a fair price to me

Are you able to ship to saint john nb?

How much ethanol are you looking for? We have shipped to Canada and can probably make this work for you. Tell me quantity and grade of ethanol and I can get you a quote