Ethanol, Solvents, CO2 & Dry Ice

I’m an owner of a distribution company wanting to network and offer Ethanol, Solvents, CO2 & Dry Ice to extractors. I also offer a wide range of ingredients and services for processors manufacturing consumer goods: Natural flavors, colors, carrier oils, preservatives & much more.

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Location ? Website ?

Indianapolis, IN. My e-mail is:

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I am wanting to purchase 120lbs of ISObutane. Will you direct message me and we can work out the terms? I want to shop for other options besides BVV


We’re working on this now. I’ll follow up shortly.

Do you offer 200 proof USP ethanol in food grade totes (270gal or 330gal)?

Is it affordable to ship dry ice?

I want to work for you

Not really, and I would only buy in cubes if going any distance to minimize the surface area for evaporation. There’s a local place that will deliver 4’x4’x4’ cubes.

How much dry ice are you needing for each run? Is it hard to find in your location?

Yes we do, how much to you take on an monthly base

2 totes min.

What is the city and zip code for these totes

Hi Aztecs30,

Can you share your e-mail address? I have some information for you concerning the ISObutane.

Thank you,

Marshall Williams

Williams Distribution hopes your 2021 is starting off strong and that you and your business are looking at a bright future.

WD watches the solvent market closely and we want to share information that we receive from our supply partners and manufacturers so we can educate our customers, prospects and friends in this industry.

Reach out to us if you want information about price movements and availability for the 1st quarter 2021.

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