Ethanol % sensor

Looking for a analog or digital sensor to know the ethanol % of a slurry. The readings will be going into a PLC. So far nothing has come has come up on searches except a car ethanol sensor but i dont think those will work but they just might.

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Answering my own question somewhat. A density sensor would probably work better.

maybe give these guys a call?

is it really % ethanol you want to measure?
what is the rest of the “slurry”?
does it have optical properties you can exploit?

% ethanol “meter” will give you ratio of water to ethanol.
which I doubt is what you really want.

my best guess is you want biomass to solvent.

maybe viscosity?

Yeah it’s a ethanol oil slurry. We are creating a concentrate and we need a consistent set point. As long as I have something to measure and a sensor to measure it I can determine at what measurement we need to open our valves.

So far a density sensor is the answer. I saw those Anton Paar guys and will check them out.

You want a sensor to measure specific gravity, and one certified for a hazardous location/C1D1 or D2. Along with a PLC or other device to take an average over time and filter for noise and outliers. Chances are very good the sensor is something you can get off the shelf but the rest of the system you’ll need to have engineered/programmed.

Personally I’m pretty capable with Siemens 1200 PLC’s but no personal experience with a specific gravity sensor I could point you towards.

Actually I’m picking up 2 complete Allen Bradley micrologix 1400 plc fully built panels with HMI, 4 extension modules, power supply, ups, breakers, everything. And they are brand new. It’s PLC porn. I’ll post pics when I pick them up on Friday. My engineer has a PLC code guy that writes all his stuff.

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will he make me 3?

They were from a closed business that never installed them. Someone already claimed 2 but if they dont pick them up I’m buying them up. It was a great find.

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