Ethanol Saturation Point for Diamonds/Crystals


So I’ve been looking into all the comments posted in all the EtOh posts that involve diamond and crystal making involving EtOh and I’ve been curious as if it’s all about the saturation. I’ve yet to get any sort of formation but i have gotten an oil to be a mixture in a jar and then to a reduction point to where it’s so saturated it could possibly crash if placed back to the cold. However the way i did it seemed slightly dangerous to me.

I did this by pouring a semi evaporated etoh mixture into a jar and then set the jar in my heatvac. The amount of oil to etoh had to have been 3:1 to 2:1 as it was near the 1/4 marker on the jar. I set the heatvac to 87 degrees F and had coffee filters placed instead of a lid and had my diaphragm pump running to evaporate the rest of the bulk etoh left. Every now and then i had to stop and wipe the lid of the chamber due to condensation but i ended up getting it to a hefty level of saturation. I didn’t put it on dry ice for 2 days and then back to heat because i wasn’t sure. Instead I just poured it out and purged it. here’s the jar and what it looks like after I did all that. -This was last week-

I find that saturation levels of etoh are of interest and this can help.