Ethanol Equipment Sale

Item: CES Sprayvaps in excellent condition with pumps for continuous operation. Over $100k new. Can be seen set up in licensed lab. With extra flasks and column. $30k for all

Location: Concord, CA

Price: $30k

20’ x 8’ c1d1 storage unit with electrical and fire suppression. 4 doors and raised grated floor, professionally built and certified.

Price: $5k

Small short path equipment from Summit.


Post a pic of that booth pls

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Can we see the summit parts please

@FicklePickle the container of my dreams. You got room for it?


God that’s a good deal.

Just sent a link off to the boss man.


Word. Jump on it.


Well that was quick. He’s interested.

@Procan1 got any pictures of the container?


Do you have picture of c1d1 unit

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Let’s see some pictures of EVERYTHING!!!

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Interested in the c1d1 booth too @Procan1

I have a client in Vegas looking for a c1d1 let’s see it & I’ll make the connection that’s a hell of a deal & what spd is it?

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That looks like it was taken from a football field away with a zoom lens…


Greetings. Is the C1D1 box still available

Bin the c1d1 please.

Lets see the inside of that container and the other side to please. If it has electrical all done ready to plug in I will buy and pick up immediately

All electric is in place. Fire suppression in place.
Must move by 3/5

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Can i bin please

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Unsure what you are asking