Ethanol crude - Cryo Wash - do i need to cut before putting oil in carts or is it gtg?

Hey everyone I was curious if i’m going to be running into issues filling my carts with oil from my ethanol extractions.

I run -80C temps for processing and filter through Celite<T5<AC blend then rotovap it at 30C 29.5ug.
After it sits in the vac oven for a few days at 100f under no vac its a liquid/syrup consistency. So my question is - is it gtg or do I absolutely need to decarb it or cut it?

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You need to decarb it or you run risks of your oil crystalizing in your cartridge.

Whip your oil a bit, does it bubble up? If so, you need to decarb it.

Damn ok I was trying to get away with not decarbing it because it makes it so much darker. How are these companies making live resin carts that are golden/yellow if they’re decarbing them? My oil is that light golden color until I decarb and then it turns amber.

Aren’t people just blending CBD and CBDA to prevent crystallization?

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Most of my oils already have cbda - also I haven’t had any issues with crystallization so far. But I smoke the pens right away when I load them. I was thinking possibly of doing .5mL carts for my live resin in hopes that it’ll be smoked before it has the chance to crystalize. I just don’t want to take a product to market that may need a recall.

They aren’t decarbing, or they’re mixing it with distillate.

I think this thread is about THC.


I didn’t think so - thanks for confirming my belief!