Ethanol CRC

Could I do It without heptan? AND on the source turbo?

Why the LLE into hexane? Why not just straight into hexane?

Presumably to reduce the amount of hexane you need to handle and also cut out a distillation step (although that ethanol is expensive and reproofing it so no fun). Also has the benefit of leaving some nasty gunk behind when you LLE to hex. But yes you could just extract with hex directly, or boil down and redissolve

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Might have smoked too much today to answer i question already answered. :man_facepalming:

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Answered in dm.

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Aight, I said that cause he already sent me a dm which I had answered before I saw this post. Point taken though so here goes.

Well do you mean filter the oil straight through the magsil without any solvent?

If so the answer is no you can not. You will not be able to push the oil through the magsil. The entire point of using heptane or hexane is that they are nonpolar and the oil needs to be dissolved in solvent at a 4:1 ratio at minimum and up to 10:1 if needed incase the 4:1 ratio doesn’t get pushed through properly. This is really a preference thing, prob start at 10:1 and move down in ratio to find your sweet spot. During the filtration the polar compounds we are trying to remove get caught by the magsil and the cannabinoids will follow the nonpolar solvent.

The source turbo is a product I’m unfamiliar with, but it’s looking like a table top distillation setup to remove ethanol. I don’t know how well it would handle heptane I would not risk it since you want to make sure as much solvent is removed as possible. I would not put hexane in there due to hazard risk. So that would require you use a rotovap for your recovery.

Then you need to run the cleaned up oil through a short path if you want to produce the same results.


So, do I mix the hexane and the oil 10 to 1, do I leave a Magsil layer on the funnel and I filter it, then I go ahead and take out the hexane on the machine? That’s how I understood the process. Because that’s how I do the Celite and charcoal.

In regards of the Source turbo, it’s a vaccume machine that works at 115 f (it works with small quantities of material, but it works for me) and I’d like to think it would work with the hexane, because the hexane boiling point is lower. I also put it in a vacuum chamber for 48 hrs. At 115 f In order to get rid of the remaining alcohol.

Thank you very much for your help

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Yes, mix the hexane 10 to 1 to the oil.

I would not recommend using a funnel, rather use a crc column and a diaphragm pump to push it through at around 25-50 psi. You will have to find the sweet spot depending on amount of magsil and size of column. I also have 2 extra filter papers under to catch any particles. Last one should be the smallest micron. When done i would use clean hexane to run through the column until the hexane comes out clear again, this to pull any cannabinoids out from the magsil.

Once done use distilled acetone or pure acetone to run through the column until the acetone comes out clear. This will pull out the polar compounds. Discard of the acetone or rotovap it if you need to reclaim the acetone for further use. Proceed to clean the reclaiming vessel thoroughly with acetone after.

After that use an airpump to push air through the column until dry. Can take a day depending on pump. You can also do this after the hexane to push out any remaining hexane before washing out with acetone. You only have to do that until no more hexane comes out, so it won’t take a day.

Take the hexane/heptane and degum and brine wash before you roto it for the short path.

On using the source turbo with hexane, please call the manufacturer to verify that you can use it for that purpose before committing to it. My concern with it is you don’t know how hot the heating plate gets and hexane can be very volitile and i wouldn’t want you to have a fire starting in the machine in a worst case.