Establishing A New Cartridge Supply Company

I am looking for a Chinese manufacturers to produce a TH210 style vape cartridge under contract and with quality controls in place. A company I am very close with currently purchase around 85,000-100,000 cartridges a month and have guaranteed their business to me. Recently, we came to the realization that in China it only costs roughtly under 10 cents per cartridge to produce quality cartridges. Therefore it is apparently obvious that the entire cartridge market is overpriced and their is a huge opening for a company like us to come in and seize a good amount of business. We would like to provide cartridges to the community of future4200, ourselves and any other cannabis/cbd companies within the near future. My associates and I have already decided to go to China at the end of this month and find ourselves a manufacturer to work with. We were hoping the community had some leads for us on manufactures in china and engineers in the United States who would like to help us set up a quality design for said cartridges in the TH210 style. Our budget is between 100-200k and we are looking for all the advice we can get. Qualified partners are more than welcome.