End of 2020, big sale!

Hello everyone. :wink:
We are a professional laboratory equipment distributor in China.
Now, our company has a big promotion at the end of the year, please contact me.
The price can be lower, if you need it, please leave a message on the website or email me.
The website has more product information.
Website: https://zzkeda.com
email: kdsales@zzkdinstruments.com
Finally, I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving :smile:

You should send me one of the small rotos so I can review it for you on here. Iโ€™ll attach a couple of my reviews that I have done for some other products on some other websites.
BitFenix Raider Mid-Tower Chassis Review - Overclockers
BitFenix Spectre Pro 120 mm Fan Review (overclockers.com)
Edit: I can also send the product back after I review it, Iโ€™m ok with that! I can also review anything that you would like to have reviewed. I can provide a professional review that you can use on your own siteโ€ฆ Food for thought, and it might helpโ€ฆ


If I were the boss, I am glad to do this, thanks,man :smile_cat:@ Capttripppp


Do you have a 2l short path turn key available

of course , man,@ Travisparenteau85
short path:


cooling chiller: