Employment and Affiliation Update

I just wanted to let the community know that I am no longer working for or affiliated with Curian, makers of the ACE Spinner. I have answered a lot of questions many have presented here on the forum concerning their centrifuge and subscription model. I have gotten to speak with and meet many of you during my time with them. I want to assure everyone that I still stand behind what I have said in all of these interactions. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you hope they will.

That being said, I will no longer be answering questions concerning the company or their equipment. Questions can be directed to beta@acespinner.com or to other forum members who still act as their representatives.

I still plan on continuing to be an active member of the forum and look forward to continuing to level up with you all. I appreciate having had the opportunity to help many of you outside of this space, and I look forward to having more of those opportunities in the future. Happy extracting!


Sooooo… interested in that job now then? :grin:

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Haha. Not yet. Interested in time off for the moment.


So there’s a job opening working with @cyclopath and @Photon_noir in OR?


That is not something I have an answer to, and they or others will have to respond to that. My inclination is, no.


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thanks @rowan:

Unfortunately, even if you have what it takes to deal with an @cyclopath on a daily basis, it won’t be on the ACE/Curian team…because I too have separated.

you’d think I would eventually learn how to :zipper_mouth_face:

…but what fun would that be?

Alternatively, there are key positions open, and lots of interesting work to be done.

I suggest sending resumes to beta@acespinner.com for any that are interested.


@Rowan Technically, yes, we need a few folks to install the centrifuges and to train operators. It is important that they live in or around Eugene, OR or Sebastopol, CA for the purpose of their own training, but the job involves a lot of travel to other places.

@Siosis I can certainly recommend @Akoyeh and @cyclopath with my highest regard! They are expert extractionists, and very creative hard-working men! :blush: