EHO Color Remediation



I’ll still be reporting back on the color of media once this is all done. And try to remember to get pics.


Dcvc is wickedly easy with ethanol, and I turned black hemp oil into bright orange stuff


Just ethanol and water?


Yup once the celite top layer is caked I did a water pull to set it. Then
70/30 etoh (1 part)
80/20 etoh (2 parts)
85//15 (2 parts)
90//10 (1-2 parts)

Then flush the column with 95%.

I did everything with freezer temp stuff because you can keep the alcohol % higher so it’s easier to boil off after. If you do room temperature you’ll need to start with a 60/40 or maybe even 50/50 to keep it more in control.

Im also guessing that the freezer temp stuff stopped some waxes in there too, but could be wrong.

**Edit I did this on a 3-4" alumina column. I just keep it set and have dozens of washes on the same column


I just noticed silica 60 pulled alot of green spectrum

Activated alumina grab a bunch of pink

Magnasol xl stayed the same

Couldnt tell what t5 did. It was darker than i started with

Celite had yellows in it


How big was your silica cake? Was it just slowing the greens down chromatography style?


This is with bho though, might be different with what you guys are using


First time 2x was .5 cups
This time was .75 cups


Ah yah, not experienced with the BHO. I don’t think it has the same effect with ethanol


I seem to of gotten this to work somehow. Granted I’m working with ISO not ethanol right now. Anyway I kept using that T5 carbon silica pack I described above that I initially ran A heptane dissolved extract through. Not sure if the The cake just needed more time to settle or what but after letting it dry a few days and flushing it with clean ISO, I ran through this extract that I have tons of chlorophyll and looks black, and we’re getting neon yellow. This is a rewash of a bunch of material extracted last week, trying to get any last oil out of it after it set in the freezer for a week. I’m not sure if the T5 is making the carbon work so much better considering it is bad carbon, but something is working here.


The only difference being you used heptane the first time and iso the second to dissolve your compound?


Here are the colors of my media after depacking.

Activated alumina




And no color change on celite.


How was your finished product


Gah, should have included a pic of that. Still black. Pretty sure it all just got way overwhelmed, with every powder but the celite retaining a ton of color. Though after passing it through, I could at least see through it with a flashlight. In solution it was a super deep red with the LED light.


I have nvr had my powders that dark yet. It seems to be doing something.

I use way to much hardwood carbon in my last push yesterday and i got almost 0 or 0 return out of 700g of material. I added 5ml terps to my colection pot. No way to measure yet.

Doubt i could get 0 return even on preran stuff


Like you had 700g of oil? And now you have 0g of oil?


Only time ive gotten something like this i had found out that i accidentally dropped a razor blade in a mason jar filled with extract dissolved in alcohol.

It caused the solution to turn into black sludge that will not pass light at all. It has a real greasy feel to it and its dsrk red/brown when spread thin. Nothing seems to remedy the color but i doubt your solution had significant contact with ferrous metal like mine.

Still have it sitting on a shelf.


Ungle nasty trim


Rinse the charcoal with ethanol, you should be able to yank out 90% of what’s stuck in there


A bit too late. I tossed all the powders. Btw im laughing that i tossed everything. Figures i could have salvaged it

Would the same principle work on hard wood carbon.