EHO Color Remediation

Are you using Ethanol or methanol

Ethanol, i have methanol though, should i use that for winterizing instead?

Room temp winterizing is a win in my books :slight_smile:

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How do you do that?

@Renchi I want to say @Kingofthekush420 posted an sop for it just recently.

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On here or on insta? I’ll do some searching.

@Kingofthekush420 does a 8:1 dilution rate the fats will just drop out at room temp because the polarity, you can bring down to -20 but I think someone said they didn’t see an improvement. BUT please read up on how to properly handle methanol! Don’t want to go blind!!!


Yeah, true. I have new safety goggles with out any breathing holes for that exact reason and have also been wary of using certain solvents.


Awesome! I’m stoked to get my meth tek on :sweat_smile::love_you_gesture: lab society sells it at 45 for a 5 gallon FYI!


Thanks for the info!


No problem! If I remember I’ll post my findings!


Says 90 where’s the 45?

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I go to -20 in a regular freezer, I get another 10% out. I get most out with a room temp filtration.

As long as you’re not drinking methanol you’re fine

First sign of methanol poisoning is a headache, if you dont have a headache you dont have methanol poisoning according to poison control.

Take a shot of ethanol after using methanol if you’re concerned, itll create an azeotrope and you’ll piss the methanol out.

Methanol is a cumulative toxin it builds up in your system


I would get the headaches just from having the fumes and getting it on my skin

I’ve never gotten a headache from the fumes, you must not have had proper ventilation

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regardless eye protection is needed with methanol. The fumes will deteriorate your eyes even if you dont have the “poison” feeling or headache along with cleaning the lab coats/clothes frequently. your skin should be exposed as LITTLE as possible when using it/vapors around.


They actually stopped selling carbon chemistry after some solvent was “contaminated” not sure how true it is, but they go through some local suppler now and it’s only 45 a gallon call them! I just ordered 5 pails :slight_smile:

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All solvent is “contaminated”

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Agreed! But thats what they said to me!

All you can do is pick your contaminants, and their amounts.