Edwards 28 oil plug thread thread stripped any suggestions?

Our edwards 28 oil plug stripped. But not the actual plug, but the thread that the plug screws into. So the metal thread that’s in the body of the pump is stripped. We took the case off to look at it. It appears to be cemented into place.

I was thinking of just replacing the oil housing part of the outer casing cause it would come with a fresh thread that I could then screw the plug into.

Or going to an auto parts store and getting an oil pan saver or posibly some sort of re threading tool.

Anyone had this happen to them? Thoughts suggestions ?


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Compare the cost of replacing the oil housing vs. buying a thread thread repair kit (i’m guessing the latter would be cheaper).
once you’ve repaired the thread (or replaced the housing), install a ball valve with a hose barb on the drain. then you’ll never worry about this problem again, and get cleaner drains with a hose going straight to a waste container vs. a pan


Pics for those unable to use imagination?

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Sometimes you can chase the threads with the same size tap if it’s not too bad and it will still work


Sounds like a question for @Xtractek.

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Metric or standard? Probably metric. Plug diameter and thread pitch? Type of seal?
Sometimes you can drill out the threads and tap the bore for a larger bolt/plug.
If a new case is cost prohibitive bring it to a hydraulic shop, with some doughnuts and coffee. Ask for the oldest grump outta the back. That’s the guy.


Retap slightly larger and use a new appropriate size bolt and washer. I just went through this on a damaged E12 but it should be the same. I think I used this set and it did the job but if you have something nicer definitely use it:

Edit: +1 for what @Midnightoil said


Good suggestions. A machine shop could likely retap. I would suggest putting a drain valve setup in place of the plug so you don’t have that problem again.


This 100%, i have done it personally and it worked like it never happened


If it’s so fucked that chasing the threads won’t work, you’ll probably still have enough material on the oil housing to just bore a bigger hole in its place and run a tap through that new hole.