Edible/Tincure THC legality

Can you legally sell (nationwide) gummies that have thc in them but are under 0.3% thc?

Lets say you had Gummy Bears that are on average 2g in weight.
If you put 5mg in each one youd still be under 0.3% thc.
Im obviously asking about d9 because i think d8 has a grey area loop hole right now.
Im guessing you want to put cbd in it, so u can call it a cbd gummy. So if you did 1mg cbd and 5mg thc per gummy, does that work for smoke shops/corner stores?

There are people who sell full spectrum cbd edibles that have thc in them (20:1, CBD:THC), so i guess im wondering, what is the spectrum limit, can u do 1:1?

Cbdistillery sells them on their website but idk if that’s for national shipping or not.

Well tell you what
Friend of mine produces and sell s
Gummie beats with 1:1 ratio and as long as the thc is hemp derived no problems so Motherliquer go s to gummies