Easygo or Ygreen?

I’ve seen a few positive remarks about Ygreen’s fully automated filler/capper unit YM-E100 but I’m interested if anyone has ever used the YM-E200 from Ygreen or if anyone has used an Easygo YM-A for their cartridge filling and capping?

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I have been using YGreen for the past 2 years. I had there first machine and I have purchased there most recent one that is meant to do 1000 carts and hour. I will update you once I start running it. They are now testing it in their LA office with CBD first to make sure it’s all good. The first machine we got we had a bunch of issues because our oil was not heavily cut. We helped them fix a lot of the issues and I believe they will this next one should be much better.

The first machine we got which I believe is the ym100 is meant to do 600 per hour but realistically it’s lower than that because of switching our the oil. We would do 4 runs of 400 carts (4 flavors) in an 8 hour shift with a one hour break. Now you could easily do better than that is you tweak a couple of things.


Thank you sir!

I’m interested in Ygreen, I was hoping you could tell me if it can it be configured to fill luer lock syringes as well?