EAST BAY seeking lab work for neuroscience PhD

Our really wonderful and qualified lab manager @mmmchocolate is moving to Oakland to be closer to her family. I’m hoping to find her an extraction job in that area.

She was a published neuroscientist at the University of Oregon and has 5 years of experience building and running a medical garage lab, full rec lab and large hemp lab.

Some of her experience:

  • Can run wiped film, decarb reactors etc
  • Set up and ran our book keeping and compliance flawlessly
  • Experience with CBD and THC
  • Wrote SOPs for most of our processes
  • Helped purchase wfe, reactors, centrifuges and other equipment directly from Chinese manufactures and has negotiated prices and navigated which manufactures are legit, saving us hundreds of thousands on equipment.

She’s incredibly smart, helpful, friendly and detail orientated. Most importantly she doesn’t have an extractor ego.

Hoping to find her a good crew in the bay! Hit up @mmmchocolate if you need a very qualified lab technician in the East Bay!


Thanks for the kind words @MediumTroy! It was sad to leave beautiful Oregon, but I’m definitely excited about finding a new lab and crew in the bay. If anyone has a position they think would be a good fit then DM me and we’ll have a chat.


Please give me a call at 408 828-1133. I own a CBD manufacturing company in Emeryville. Looking for talent. - Frank


@Scargo thanks for reaching out! Glad you two are in touch!

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Are you still seeking employment? I have a couple potential positions for your consideration :v:

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