Easiest way to get the rest out of 75 pounds of blasted material

Ive been saving all of my blasted material for about a year and I have 75 pounds built up in trash bags. Its got to the point where I need to do something with it or throw it away.

Im thinking I can get 1g per ounce if I wash it in ethanol this would net around 1200g.

Looking for any suggestions on methods of doing it or if it would even be worth it.

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Was considering this method

I, at one point saved up several 100lbs one time, and it got sooo overwhelming. I winded up throwing it all away knowing there was a good 1-3%. I was gonna use it for short path practice. I threw it away in the last few months after being here and having all the means to extract it.

The overall work kept me from re-running it all. That said. I probably got a good 75-100lbs saved up again and might revisit this now that I’m a distributor for carbon chemistry products. A gang load of denatured should be able to get it done.


Get some dry ice and bubble bags, make some 160 micron kief and then extract the kief with solvent


Is the keif any good from blasted material? I was saving the keif from my material for a while. Got over ten pounds but I don’t think is any good.

You in Cali? Just found out today that people are buying spent material for $5-$10.

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Are you serious?

Warm extract with hexane and call it a day.


I got 3 30 gallon garbage cans almost full of it… i started etoh extraction and decided i must do pretty soilid extractions because the juice wasnt worth the work… 5-10 a pound? I wonder what they do with it? I wonder how many pounds i got? I was just gonna have one hella bon fire next time i get twisted. Damn… maybe ill hold on to it… by the time they start doing it out here ill have a dump truck load…

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i used to know a person who was on the board of high times for edibles, i used to gift them all my blasted trim i honestly never asked how they converted it but thats thier buisness maybe you can gift it a old lady like i did and she can support herself. and in return you do a good deed

and to anyone saying she was selling bammer edibles, she clearly was not.

Keif it is a pretty decent idea…

Im in Mass

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Lots of people try even mix spent with good trim on large orders r people actually buying it or is it just the asking price?


I ended up burning it all

find someone with a corkscrew…offer to use it for some kind of reasonable fee and squish away…?