Dream Lab vs. Affordable Lab

Hello All!! First post here have been an avid reader for the past few months and love this avenue for getting ideas out and receiving some feedback!

My first entry here is to help figure out some peoples experiences with equipment and maybe help myself avoid some serious bugaboo as far brands to use or over-paying for unnecessary junk.

That being said I have a client who is looking for me to budget a “Dream Lab Scenario” and an “Affordable Lab Scenario” now finance is not an issue here I just wanted to maybe get some feedback on what equipment people love and hate alike. This should mainly be directed toward anything to help promote better work flow and any necessary processing equipment needed for THC/CBD distillate and CBD isolate (Rotovap,Filtering,Winterization,Storage,etc.) we will be doing volatile solvent extraction as well but we already received a quote from Precision for an X-10 set-up and I am extremely happy and comfortable with their equipment any inout on that end is welcomed as well tho.

P.s. This would be a rather large grow operation this lab would be connected to ($20,000sq/ft+) and it would be located in MI so do your best to keep it to Compliant equipment for the state.

Thank you all for reading and feel free it give some input!!,

-Whit3 Mamba

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@LabSociety probably has some input for you, this is right up there alley


Give us a call! (720) 600-2037, tell them Ross sent you, we’ll give you all the info you need!


Russian equipment… 10-4 lol

China, my friend.

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