It will surprise you how many times you can reverse the tube and hit dense clouds. The compound coats the tube travelling through and a very little bit like that lasts all day. On heavy symptom days more is indicated of course especially if for sleep but typically more than shown here on a daily basis would be a bit excessive for most. This represents a first attempt at communicating dosage albeit crudely for the benefit of the patients who really have no guides at all of any kind. This is a crude start to that process of defining dosages.


I probably dab that whole dish every 2-3 days. LOL My threshold is a bit higher i guess


yeah, whats your reference point for a high tolerance?

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personal judgement.

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I would enjoy sharing it. I have no doubt you could power dab through this stuff but I have a hunch that at some point it would not be much fun anymore. What is in the dish for me there is nearly a month supply. This of course was the point of the vid was simply to establish a reference for dosing. Dosing means anything lolz but I meant it in terms of dosing to feel good enough then to get housework done and such. I used the word dosing to imply a medication reference rather than a recreational reference.

Perhaps @sidco will make good on a promise to visit sometime. I will prepare a clean tube and dose it up like in the vid and gift it. See how it goes? :sunglasses: Get some more data points. @cyclopath is always welcome as well to sample and chime in. :nerd_face: Without a doubt he can offer wisdom here. He has the absolute most genius conversation starter holding his car hood down I have ever seen. This guy understands things. :wink:

edit: I have been chuckling now about this for a while. Tell you what. I have been inspired by your jestful comment. I once had a video in which I boasted I had made the worlds most efficient vaporizer and provably by video capable of an almost liquid like denstiy of vapor that fills a Vapir One size bag in about ten seconds. I dismantled my brilliant creation after learning how to wallop my brain just with the sheer density of new stuff floating around in the bloodstream. Have you ever staggered from a hit? I have. It was Frankenstein. I wanted a friend in my lab but created a monster. I had no choice but to take it apart!

I am inspired now by you primarily, @Killa12345 and by the vape I just hit now to dedicate the my day now to reassembling Frankenstein and bringing it back to life for a video. Only this time it will be hooked up to my PID controller and instead of an airbrush compressor I can now use the pressure side of my chemical duty pump and inject moisture directly into the aerosol instead of adiabatic cooling of 400F vapor coming out of a 400F SS pipe stuffed with SS scouring pads…containing the compound. MASSIVE surface area for evap and equally massive need therfor to cool that shit down and .i can now inject water vapor into the vacuum port of the chemical duty pump just by pulling the air through a bubbler lolz… stay tuned… :shushing_face:

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im sure i could make it last as well. But im dabbing from the second i wake up to the minute i sleep. I dont smoke flower anymore. I run a few internet businesses…i ride my mountain bike for 1-2 hours every day…then im dabbing all day everyday. I sit at my desk with my enail on and non stop dab all day long.

Im not trying to wallop anyones brain. I just smoke about 3.5g every 2-3 days which i dont even think is that much. Im not smoking as much isolate as you but im not the biggest fan of the taste. I like 85-90% thca sauce or high terpene live resins. Maybe if i got all dabbed out on isolate all the time…i might think differently. Ive always thought your brain can only handle too much pure isolate.

Im sure there are people with much bigger habits than 1-2 grams a day depending the guests i have over.

Then again…i dont know many people that are retired for the most part and still young. I dont have much to do all day other than ride my bike and dab oil all day. I guess i do have a 12 year old i take care of full time but we just do cool shit everyday and hes easy. LOL

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Always down to gather metrics!