Does dry ice modify the terp profile?

If so, how?

u mean if u add it directly to ethanol to chill it then extract with the mixture? if thats what ur talking about then it changes the polarity so in some sense it would but i dont know if its that noticable

I guess in Hash & stuff:Extraction it might seem churlish to respond that enriching your plants CO2 by adding dry ice to your grow room has been shown to affect the terpene profile. especially as I’m making that up and have no reference for you.

However, I’m just trying to point out that your question needs work…

ie WTF are you asking??

Just curious if dry ice in ethanol is affecting my terp profile in anyway. For better or worse. Been thinking about chilling it w/o dry ice lately.

Ok, so @Plant2pipe guessed correctly?

It’s still not explicitly stated that you are chilling your Solvent (ethanol) by adding dry ice to it directly, but I seem to recall you’ve mentioned it elsewhere.

If you’re able to put cash where that curious is, you could probably answer that yourself with a couple of 3rd party terpene tests. We find they help sell the product. So you could try that angle if you get push back on spending money on idle curiosity :slight_smile:

So you would then chill your ethanol by putting it in a dry ice ethanol bath right?

See why I’m confused?

Are you talking about a jacketed extractor filling the jacket with ethol and dry ice


A straight dry ice ethol extraction? Which I know nothing about

A straight dry ice/ethanol extraction.

I was going to delete this thread when I created it, but couldn’t find the delete thread button.

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It seems like a reasonable question. at least once we dragged it out of you/wrapped our heads around it.

I’ve dropped dry ice directly into the Ethanol I was extracting with. In my case it wasn’t a brilliant idea, and wrecked my attempt to get the solvent off the cannabis in 90 seconds.

When I hit the vac to pull the solvent through, all I did was degass it. :frowning:

NOT what I was going for. I don’t recall now how long it took to filter, but I recall blaming the longer residence time for the color of the extract.

What are you doing with your cryo-EtOH oil?

I can see being concerned about terpene profile if the endpoint is an ethanol based shatter (which is where I was aiming above), or a strain specific tincture.

Really just for shatter. I know terps don’t matter for distillate or RSO, since they are either destroyed or boiled off.

How is the market response to your EHO?

I can’t get the powers that be here to spring for 3rd party testing to even market test mine. It’s not BHO, so it does’t have the terp profile, so they’re not even willing to test market it.

@OilArt mentioned that they also use dry ice directly in their solvent.

I guess I could get around the “degassing on vacuum” by simply using a pressure vessel and pushing rather than pulling.

which I think is where @Plant2pipe would like to see the process go. aka CO2 expanded Ethanol. Not sure how productive searching that space at random would be.

I’ve used my PX1 for ethanol extraction before, I believe I could explore as high as 120PSI with my current PRV settings. Don’t imagine that is high enough to see anything particularly interesting, but I can get behind trying it.

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If i may ask this question a bit differently; does adding dry ice directly into the etho at either the extraction step and/or the filtration step in any way alter the composition of the crude?

Probably. you’re probably going to have to figure it out yourself too if you want an answer anytime soon.

Dissolved CO2 should absolutely change the solvent properties. I don’t have the background to speculate on how.

Without pressurizing and/or playing with the temperature, it might be that those changes are subtle enough to ignore. No clue. Do the experiment then ask a stranger (3rd party analytics :slight_smile: ). Then come back and tell us what you found.

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Facility is almost online…and then the experiments will come.


Any progress on this front?

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I’ve experimented with using Dry ice on winterized solution that was almost at its saturation point. I dropped in about 50 grams of dry ice for 500 ml of solvent. Over the first few hours the solution will bubble as the ice boils off. The solution gets thick like honey with a ton of co2 through out the solution. Over the course of the next few days little bits of product comes out like sand. Not sure what it is that precipitated out as I left the solution alone. Even at room temp some of the particles stay to be seen. I have transferred and filtered after cooling with dry ice and it’ll fizzle when it hits my filter paper