Does anyone know where I can get Muscimol Isolate?

Looking for high quality Muscimol Isolate. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank You!

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Are you talking small amount for personal use or large quantity?

Larger quantity if possible.

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We are making an extract from Fruit and bodies using Methanol extraction. We also make white label gummies.

we can offer 100kg

What are your current price per Kg? I am interested on small quantities to start making some products. I am OK with synthetic or extracted.

So here s my sad story on muscimol

Guy comes with a sample 75% muscimol had a trippy experience when I tried it worth replicating
So told the chemist make it at 99% purity and he did
Now I have 99% pure muscimol confirmed by nmr
But al it does is make you sleepy
It s absolutely diffrent than what I expected so pretty sure the 25% in the first sample I got is what makes you trippy ( don t know what that is thou)


Reminds me of dmt that’s too pure/white. Effects are better with some of the other shit left behind. And I guess I’d feel the same way about that brown moon rock I was talking about in the other thread. Maybe purist isnt always better

Dabbing distillate isn’t the best high either

The discovery is the best part.