Do you think that water soluble CBD isomerizates into water soluble thc

It can be d9 or d8, would it be the exact same process than for non solubles isomerizations? I think this could give an easier format for collecting as an example I can think in the activated charcoal process for D8 thc. SPD wouldn’t be necessary here as you could extract it with destilled water.
Thank you.

No it doesn’t. You’re going around the spoon to get to the hand

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There are some significant gaps in your understanding on this; hit that search bar to fill them.

The short answer is no; to make a cannabinoid “water soluble” is a misnomer as the molecule itself is not water soluble and essentially will never be without additions. We make a cannabinoid “water soluble” (again in quotes because it’s a misnomer) by encapsulating it things that are water soluble. So essentially you make a very small clump of cannabinoids; and encapsulate it in a shell of compounds that are water soluble; so that they go into solution and bring the encapsulated cannabinoid with it.

If you tried to isomerize watersoluble cbd isolate for example; you would have a crazy amount of side reactions; gotta remember that water soluble cbd isolate is usually only 20-30% CBD everything else in the sample is the watersoluble “shell” of junk.

Now if you ran the isomerization with just pure unprocessed cbd isolate; made d8 with it; than took that isomerized product and applied your watersoluble method too it; then you would have water soluble d8; doesn’t make sense to try to isomerize already processed material imo.

Anyone tried to make water soluble d8? i personally haven’t.


I have both types of cbd
I don’t know why I though that with the charcoal I was going to change the cbd only, and not in what is packed in the case of water soluble, then it would have been easily extracted…
I didn’t know that is only a 30%. I wonder why they sell it at higher prices than not soluble…
I will then keep my trying with the normal powder of cbd isolate.
I will try to isomerizate it mixing/melting it with activated charcoal, the problem is that I dont have the SPD for posterior destillation of the D8 thc.
Do you know a way of extracting it with out ending with a black syrup?

Instead of using charcoal; try citric acid; I’ve personally never tried it as I have better reagents at my disposal, but you’ll probably have better results and a cleaner product to consume; I hope your goal is for an edible product and not a smokable product.

Shoot I’m going to give this a shot; hopefully someone other members can chime in; here is a quick experimental SOP for the conversion of CBD to D8 with zero real lab gear;

Take one gram of CBD isolate; place into small glass bowl or beaker.
Add a spoon full of citric acid solution to the to the bowl and mix.
Place into microwave for 1 minute; remove bowl and agitate; add a few drops of your citric acid solution to compensate for any evaporative losses.
Repeat the last step a few times being sure to agitate every time you take it out.
After a few cycle you have an edible grade d8? Potentially

May be better to do this in the oven at like 80-90c idk

I just pulled this out of my ass; your millage may very; without real lab gear your kind of limited in what you can. DONT SMOKE THIS PRODUCT; EAT IT.


Thank you buddy!! your a real life saver, you knew exactly what to offer to a noob (and what he needed)
I will do it for suuure!!
Also I will share here the results…
May be I can do a mixture of 5% KOH and ethanol to see if all has been converted and repeat the process until no reaction colour. What do you think of this?
I would like, any way, a posterior technique to separate it from the citric acid as I am a smoker!! :wink:
Ho… One more thing, one spoon is a table spoon or tea spoon?
Thank you!!! I highly appreciate your emphatic perspective that makes you offer a kitchen solution to this guy out there with out chemistry knowledge that, I can tell you, really needs it.

my personal pet theory for kitchen isomerization is coconut oil + citric acid + oven. I am paying out of pocket for testing when i have the $ saved to see if i can develop an SOP at some point

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whoever comes up with the kitchen tek sop for cbd isolate to smokable d8 will definitely be a hero to me and a lot of others judging by how much the subject is coming up at the moment !

I am not aiming for smokeable

Send me a sample and I’ll get it run for ya

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Will do! whatever I find out I want to open source, i am not in this for $, i want a safe way to make D8 at home for anyone

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