DLSB-50L/80°C Cooling Chiller

Two sets will arrive the LA warehouse soon. customs clearance at the Port of Long Beach now. Start accepting reservations. Good price. Anna email: sales03@kedainstrument.com; whatsapp: 0086 13849063065

Are you interested in it, DM me please. :raising_hand_woman:

Only a complete moron would buy anything from you.

Also your vents are shaped like semi swastikas.


How much Anna? No DM. Price here and now please.

She is not insured dude. Actually Anna is really a man using a fake profile. But this company has zero domestic insurance and no liability insurance. They aren’t liable for warranty or injury or accidents. Also these are surplus, bottom barrel of repaired older floor hardware that is sitting in warehouses unsellable. Keda gets deals on sitting hardware that can’t be moved.


Just having morning fun bro. Anna, Terry, I mean David, can u please give me a price for your cooling box. King, hows the land development going? Would love to see progress pics. Havnt seen or heard nothing.


I have finally hand constructed a pine casket and soon I’ll be taking a long dirt nap far away from all you weirdos.


But you just got back. Don’t leave so soon man.




Rofl i love you doude. You kill me all the time

Dear All, update the inventory, just the last one set left right now. one customer book one yesterday. Any other customer interested in? DM me please.

Did you tell the customer Thier lab might catch on fire if they buy your chiller​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


I agree with everything you’ve said, but mainly the swazzis and is why I’m replying specifically to this comment, but I’ve read them all. Hope you’re well

At least they know we love women. :grin: Certainly is nicer than seeing a dudes selfie as you send them money electronically and pray

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Give him the clamps!