Diy dispensing possible solution

Ive had my eye on these piezoelectric devices for a while and they look lik they could be perfect for dispensing distillate. check out 30 seconds in


Found this somewhat-related design on youtube that visually shows the flow of a similar mechanism, these little guys are very interesting. Lotsa potential, excited to see DIY cartridge dispensing machines incorporated with these designs!
Flow of the piezoelectric pump

yea piezoelectric device are about to come in to their own in a big way

How much?

there still pretty advanced so prob not cheap unless u can buy a bunch lol maybe we can organize a group by lol

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I have to say this looks really interesting. I for one am going to get my hands on one to test out. I see feeding the valve as being the main challenge. Really excited about the touchless aspects.

Over the last two years, I’ve tried many different filling configurations (including many of the ones offered to our industry) and have settled on designing a system with a pressurized, heated multi zoned, material path, pneumatic dispensing system consistently accurate to 2 microliters. It’s been a long road and we’re almost there, as we’re putting the finishing touches on an integrated controller. This is something I’ve considered offering up for sale at a reasonable price. Not sure how to gauge interest other than just asking. Would anyone be interested in this?

If u hav access to some advanced mems tech i would def be interested. I remember doing a deep dive done the rabbit hole of what’s possible with this technology and it looks amazing. I wanted to build a 3d printer with piezoelectric linear actuators cause they are perfect for that application but now ive started to see them used for Automated valves which seems lik an awesome use of them too.

P.S. Do you also have polymangnets too cause then i would love you forever lol

I think most companies are looking for something to automate their distillate cartridge filling. I am curious has anyone used the 710 shark?

this could be used on distillate

I see, great find, I feel like most companies making distillate have to be looking for something like this, I hope someone picks one up and reports back on how well it works.

This tech isnt very widespread yet tho, its hard to find any specs or prices. Most people dont even know that Microelectromechanical systems (mems) are a thing let alone they would be used for fixed displacement pumps.

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My guess is that the piezo will be subject to the same engineering challenges all of the other dispensing methods have: consistent temp, pressure, density of material delivered to the dispensing head with little to no variation = A chance at accuracy and precision.

I’ve seen distillate not work well in several high cost dispensing systems that claimed to be able to handle similar viscosities. I have my doubts about the 710 shark, though don’t have experience with it. Looks like it would make an imprecise mess with distillate, but again I haven’t worked it.

To me the perfect system is one that is flexible enough to be mounted in any configuration (bench top needle up, down, sideways; robot compatible; handheld options); can be broken down and cleaned/ purged easily; operator friendly; accurately heated throughout; pressurized

You ever used one that was a positive displacement design? ur def right about most versions of this tech, cause of the type of pump they are but they make some that are positive displacement with integrated sensor’s so unless it freezes idk how ur gonna know

In all, we’ve gone through 6 different positive displacement configurations and found one that actually works consistently. It’s the one we’re building our dispensing platform around. Unless the piezio proves to meet our criteria in an even better way, we’ll be excitedly releasing ours in a short while.

did you hav to go to a custom topology or did they have 6 different variations? can u tell me which company ur getting them from?
Drive Elements Made of Piezoelectric Materials.pdf (465.3 KB)

We’ve tested units from several companies, each with a different take on positive displacement. Most not concerned with this industry really. I’ll say that we couldn’t get progressive cavity, or ceramic volumetric pumps to work well enough.

what about micro metering valves were just the valve tappet is moved? then u need pressure from somewhere else but still seems lik a plausible option

I’ve see that the piezos function that way. Similar to a diaphragm valve. I don’t have experience with those as most I saw based thier dispensing quantities on time/ dispensing rate rather than volume.

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