Disty formula

Afternoon, have my whole set up otw as well as my disty. Was going to use this formula. Disty-80% Mct-10% Terps-10%. Does anyone know if mct will make my carts runny or will they still be pretty stable with a 10% mct and 10% terps cut?? Just want fairly stable carts. As always thanks for your time

Also, does anyone have a link for the mct oil they use? I’m not 100% sure what to look for as I have never used mct

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What is your reason for adding mct?
Dist and 10% terps should be fine.

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Bro, they been told u to use the search


Whoa. I never go that high with food grade terpenes. Unless you’re using shatter or BHO. IF YOURE USING DISTILLATE I don’t even go over 5% with food grade Terpene

I’m using floraplex terpenes