🍯 Disty $99 per L 🤯 90+% Full spec beautiful, CBD/CBG minor rich🥃 (GOT TERPS TOO💧)!

j.fried@octaved-labs.com Feel free to email me we can talk about what’s left, getting down to the last few pieces of CBG/CBD here and I am keeping some head stash.

Thank you so much for this community and everybody that has shown so much support and good vibes. Feeling a lot of gratitude for being able to share this beautiful medicine , I wanted to move it all in one shot so that we didn’t have to lug around but that didn’t happen and I’m glad because this way a lot of people who typically wouldn’t be able to afford material like this got an opportunity to get some real medicine and share it with their friends and family. It was a lot better this way.

Making some stuff with our head stash now smells amazing!


Hello are any of the 99 dollar liters still available?

Aloha fam, thank you so much for

all the love this community has shown it’s great to be a part of it
We’re pretty much sold out of all the CBD/CBG Distillate
I had 20 L on hold that I am just waiting to receive payment and then I’m pretty much done.
We have some Mothers liquor and some really nice terps, Mothers liquor is $99 a kilo Terps $9999 a kilo

What dk i do with mothers liquid?

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Mothers liquor is really nice. Looks like beautiful honey, almost tasteless rich in minors like CBC, CBT , CBL. In my opinion, it’s a more full spectrum medicine. It does not crystallize it stays like golden honey perfect for mixing with diamonds to make diamond carts or making edibles, tinctures, or even put directly into a soft gel. I use it for my gummy’s. Everyone loves them.
99 dollars a liter to liter MOQ

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Does it do good alone in carts ?

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Did you have any recent analytical testing done for the mothers liquor?

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We use honey drip ML in carts with Terps, mainly just to test out different flavors and pass around to friends and family affects are really nice

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these COAs are not to be used to sell this material, they are just for research and development purposes. I strongly recommend that everyone gets their own independent, third-party, testing

GLLCOA_G3I0078-02.pdf (191.3 KB)
Just got this one last week. They’re all pretty similar to this not real drastic differences.
This material due to the THC content will need to be to be transferred with an agreement that the material is being transferred n process will be processed into a compliant finished product.


Back in Hawaii

, apologize if haven’t responded to messages last couple days . Ther is some Honey Dripp ML left 5 kg MOQ


Aloha wanted to give everyone a heads up I won’t be back till Croptober terped fest!, but there will be somebody able to access the facility until this Saturday so if there are any orders of ML that need to get filled please place them between now and Friday 5 L MLQ so it’s $495

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I am interested in getting a liter of this!

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Thank you for your interest! Do the current circumstances the minimum order requirement is 5 kg for $495

If you’re OK with a one-week turnaround, I could actually group a few orders together and make it worth our teams time to go out. Fire up the facility pull material, clean up get everything packed up and go ship things out. 1 L is not enough but if I get three or four guys together, we can make it work.
Teamwork makes the dream work baby


Hey! Sorry I thought I responded! We actually got one liter for the project we’re working on formulating a cbd/terpene sauce to mix with diamonds. But we will need more when production starts and your price is better than what we payed so I will be reaching back out

I’ll go in on that

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I hit you on the email and dm. I’ll take some of the ML and one of the disty if you have any left

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Out of the 1:1 CBD/CBG still have some honey dripp ML disty

Yo just pm’d you