Distillation Units For Sale (Reduced Prices!) - ChemTech KDT6, KD-30, Pope 2”

Hello all,

We’re relisting these units as some items have sold since we posted last and we’re not able to edit our older posts. Up for sale are multiple distillation units well below retail price with no lead time. These items are available immediately. Local pickup is preferred (Mammoth Lakes, CA), but delivery could be arranged for a fee. More pictures and information available upon request. All equipment comes from a clean, regulated facility and hasn’t been used with pesticides at any time. Please see my other listings for additional equipment.

1. Chemtech KDT-6 Rolled Film Evaporator

Excellent working condition, lightly used for R&D and always cleaned and maintained between runs. All stock components included for a plug-n-play system. $105,000

2. Chemtech KD30 Rolled Film Evaporator

Fully functional system, used 1-2 days per week for just over a year. Includes D65 backing pump, Roots blower, leybold turbomolecular pump on a manifold. Upgraded feed and discharge pumps and additional transfer lines. Runs >15L/hr on a hot cut and 5-7L/hr on a fine cut. $246,500

3. Pope 2" Wiped Film Evaporators (2)

Two complete Pope 2" systems. Includes evaporators, steel utility rack, heat tapes, vacuum gauges, condenser heaters, Edwards vacuum pumps, cold trap chillers, everything necessary to plug-n-play. Also includes >20 flasks including valve flasks for easy draining without breaking vacuum. A complete jacketed glass body is included if you buy both. Seals were replaced recently, both stills pull below 50 micron, would pull lower with rebuilt/upgraded pumps. $20,000 each or $35,000 for both.

Are you open to trades on the 30?

Do they come with chillers for the cold traps?

These devices look very beautiful

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Interested in the KD-30 shoot me a DM if it’s still available

DM’d …


thank you. They are very clean and well maintained.

the pope 6’s are gone. I need to check on the 2"'s. We also have the KDT6 and KD30

The KD’s are a complete working systems

Are these the same units for sale on ebay?

yes. Better deals w/o ebay

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Whats the power needed for just one of the 2” popes?

Where is the 30 located? 230v 3ph how many amps?

Hey resmat can you direct messge me, I’ll take both the popes.

The heater on the unit is 440v

How many amps i have transformer?

I don’t remember exactly. I can try to check later on one of my build sheets but the owner should have that info too. The unit is 230V, the mokon HTF three zone heating circulator is the only 440v iirc.

Any chance the 2” popes are still available?

are those cute lil popes still available?

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