Distillation question

Hey community!
Does anyone have any clue as to what this is in my cow? :cow2:

don’t worry about it its just a holstien cow

That’s what I thought

sorry couldn’t resist

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now, shot in the dark as i have no idea, but have you seen what it is soluble in?

Probably milk

Looks like Fat/Lipids when running non-dewaxed crude or when DE bypassed the filter and gets pulled up your Distillation column with your “heads”

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Lol no, I just noticed it as I was shutting down. It wasn’t there all day. I did heat up the adapter with a heat gun once but besides that nothing out of the ordinary. I know there is some CBD in the material. It’s a large mix.
This is a first for me.

I was hoping that wasn’t it. I winterized this material very well so I’m surprised if that is the case.

What’s the clarity on your receiving flask though?
I mean no disrespect but it looks cloudy in the picture. I run non-dewaxed material all the time, just so I have less solution to dewax. This looks just like first pass on non-dewaxed @CannabisLife

Very clear! The growth is only in the adapter. Like where the vacuum flow would hit as its coming through.

I wish I was at work I would show a picture. I think the cloudiness is coming from the inside of the glass.

I have distilled non-dewaxed material before and it’s not fogging up like it would. Maybe it will when I hit the tails.

It could have been a super small amount of fats fell out of suspension during the dewax phase then. It’s not fogging up, but it has a little bit of what looks like precipitation in your cow. If your collection flask is clear though, just finish the run clean glass and do second pass. The vacuum depth should be deeper on your second pass so you can just do a quick “polish” run

Yaaa I think you’re probably right.
I’ll do that. Thanks for your advice, it’s definitely appreciated.
Frustrating :confounded:

Whats the cfm on the pump ?
I notice that cows get dirty more often when the lines are to thin and long
Or when the cfm is to little
Also when a silicone based Grease is used on the glasswear
Heating the cow with a heatgun most often clears it up