Distillation Catalyst/Absorbants Thread

So I wanted to create a thread to talk about catalyst/absorbents some of us use during distillation.

A perfect example of this is crystal resistant cbd through the use of MgO during distillation. We use to think a high ph had something to do with inhibiting crystal growth, but I do not think this is the case as they’re basically diluting there CBD with delta 10 to prevent crystallization. I’m going to test this next week when I get back from the CO GLG meet up to see how crystal resistant I can get some cbd disty.

I’m also going to try the delta 10 catalyst to see if itll work for thc remediation, when the time comes (and I’m allowed to) Ill more then likely drop the d10 catalyst in this thread :wink:


I got some T41 coming today, gonna toss some in the pot and see what comes out the other side.

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T41 will isomerize cbd to delta 8, if you use it on thc you’ll get alot of delta 8 and some delta 10 from my experience.


I’m running 10% T41 on mother liquor,

Expecting lots of d8, and some d10- should I be expecting any THC to be left?

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I’d try 5%, you’ll have stir bar problems from my experience with 10%. The more you use the more gets stuck into the powder also.


There is a way to make distillate with minimal cbd isomerization, you don’t need a catalyst you simply need a certain type of head. We have two heads very specific in rapid CBD distillation without degredation. Infact I have some planned testing and results to share with customers about nano heads and the nmr testing that shows zero degredations if used correctly.

If you want to make a adsorbent mixture in your flask the easiest is activated silica (acetone washed sand or de - then dried to 300c +/-)


Hey if you have anymore information I can get on the distillate heads? We could use some.

Spd4 Mpd(modified path) Bertha is used for most initial and refining cuts if needed, we first developed it for green THC and found it wasn’t as good - but after mods it run CBD exponentially well. It’s tailored more for dirty material. Spd7 uspd is tailored for cleaner material and has near zero degredations at all. It’s very fast and effective on THC and CBD, CBD especially since it is a more “robust” molecule and comes off faster

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I think the OP was specifically about isomerizing some of the CBD to prevent the end product from spontaneously crystallizing


Correct, this thread is to help people who want to isomerize x into y. I was thinking about it and no ones made a thread about what certain catalyst will do. Kinda like how smoke me out bro posted about making cbd into d9 with zinc bromide.


Has anyone actually tried this? @Future


Lmfao i guess everyones talking about this today :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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  1. zinc catalyst reflux in heptane for 4 hours
  2. zinc chloride reflux in dichloroethane
  3. reflux in anhydrous HCl until complete
  4. anhydrous BF3 etherate in DCM until complete
  5. p-toluenesulfonic acid in toluene

I have a bunch of THC transformations


how about delta nine to the fuck outta my CBD distillate?


like remediation? it seems like that has been a hot topic on here for the past week. there is also a lot of people saying they can do it too.

How about using salts to direct decarboxylation? I wonder if we can use certain salts in distillation to get similar results


Like the tread
Most absorbands I use are bentonite clays
Problem with this is that each bentonite brand is a different clay
Almost the same issue with activated carbon
But activated carbon in 3% by volume of oil second pass a 70% d8 conversion
With bentonite conversions are many
I have made 55% d8 and 20 % disappear
I have made what I taught was d10 and 10 stayies and 15% lost to unknowns
Pure oxigen is one I use as catalyst for cbn but not in bf
And to make cbd quinone


If you want to isomerize you should drop some acid or base in the flask. The media causes isomerization due to its pH balancing it carries.

O we know that what we are looking for is specific catalyst in the BF and the guaranteed outcome of such action
Preferably with a explanation sop for dummy s

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Exactly, I heard zinc chloride in distillation will make some cbd into delta 9. I haven’t tried this though.

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