DistillateNC is a racist and likely a scammer (screenshots inside) [It gets worse]


His original post was flagged by me because he hasn’t registered as a Slanger per the rules. He has since created a second login name “DistillateINC” in an obvious effort to circumvent the rules yet again. Mods will be watching…


I only have one account and if I need to register as a “Sanger” let me know how to.




WTF!! Are you joking?


Do you have any way to confirm this? You guys really need to stop buying shit on the internet :joy:


You would be required to provide COA’s lol, and samples sent to one of the forum reps so you’re basically SOL unless you got the COA’s

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Simple enough!


Yeah, but our office is in compton and i prefer hand deliveries


I’m dead serious! A bottle Glue for 900 fucking dollars! This guy is a true piece of shit!


After reading that convo… why is this guy even here and given links to verify himself as a slanger? This dude sounds like straight trash


Albert is straight up trash and a scammer!

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Who is Albert? Is it @DistillateINC?

This is a funny ass thread. What’s in the dark must come to light. :joy::rofl::joy:


A lying piece of shit who uses other peoples licenses and who made this post!


Your puppet account should be wayyy more thicc if you want to trick us mr. Sean


That’s exactly why I posted the convo. This is a fantastic community down to share knowledge and work together. I was blown away by how he behaved, even before he started throwing around the n-word. Racist assholes like this guy need to be named and shamed out of here

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He’s probably not a scammer, but logically his behavior leads me to believe he’s not above board. Of course all logic goes out the window with someone so obviously disturbed.

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I’ll track you down!


I mean if you are convinced buddy is an officer of the law, wouldn’t threats be like the worst thing to do?

I mean maybe we do it different here in the south, but I’m pretty sure ur supposed to cut & run or pump fake detectives with a crash dummy


No threats! Just gonna track him down to give him a handshake!