Distillate to isolate tolling

Whats the going rate for making isolate from hot cbd distillate?

Hey do you provide the service or looking for someone to provide it? I sent you a DM

We can do this, pm me if necessary.

Im looking to determine if its more efficient to do it in house or farm it out. Prices plz gents.

Also curious for toll prices for distillate into isolate.

$150-250/KG depending on quantity

We do it for .50c-$1 depending on quality of distillate.

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Looking to buy isolate thousand Kilos a month. Prices are based on volume $1200 to $2300 that is T free If anyone has or knows of any sellers with large volume DM me thank you have a great day

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How Low of T-levels are you looking for?

The lower the better T free is worth more money . You can send me your COAs btimmel@yahoo.com

Well what do you consider T-free?

No thc

You realize there is no such thing as no THC right? It might be 0.001% or lower THC but it’s never “no THC”. Every lab you use will have a different limit of detection for THC, some have a limit of less than 0.1% some have less than 0.05% some are less than 0.01% so to say something has “no THC” is untrue. What limit of detection are you looking for?

Finished isolate at 99.7+%? That makes it preferable to keeping it inhouse.

If you have in house analytics you should do around a 10X dilution on your isolate to determine THC concentration if your iso is only 99.7% you might be surprised how high THC could be.