distillate test results: 12.3% cannabinoids???

Hey y’all,

I just got these test results back from a lab. This was distillate I made. Cold bucket tech extracted, winterized, filtered with t5 and silica. I actually ended up doing a 3rd pass through the short path because the mason jar it was stored in broke and got glass in it. I will get some pictures up soon, but it is a pretty nice color.

I expected some conversion, but… WTF? Also, how could it be 12% cannabinoids? What is the rest, vacuum grease and dog hair?

Lab representative said we “over-cooked” it. I understand cannabinoid conversion happens, especially after a 3rd pass, but like… wtf.

Any insights would be appreciated.

Quick edit: 4 test dummies sampled it and were “high as fuk”

WAM412274.BAFNFP9-WAL7.BAFPNY3-Mixed.pdf (127.5 KB)


Do they not test for delta 8 or delta 10?

I guess not. Does delta 8 or 10 get you high when smoked?

yep ^^ what @stoopkid said.
Probably isomerized. Either that or they fucked up at your lab… Are they pretty reliable usually?


definitely d8


I’ve never used them. My buddy/client sent this in. He says they’ve been good so far. If it isomerized into delta 8 or 10, would it still get you high? Isn’t delta 8 clear?

I did get that blue fraction with my head, but after that everything looked normal. I actually think the blue is green mixing with yellow THC…

Yeah it would still get you high for sure. Not always clear either. Depends on the extensiveness of your post-processing/color remediation… It can also be clear/gold, just like D9.

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Sounds like this is what happened. This must have something to do with the T5 I filtered through? The blue fraction, the isomerization? Does this happen without a catalyst? Could I have done this through heat and vacuum alone?

Yes a lot of people [intentionally] create delta 8 that way. I believe surface area increases the conversion and heat/vac is enough energy to cause it but I’m no expert on this topic. @Kingofthekush420 is the delta 8 expert

Delta 8 is not super overwhelming but yes it gets you high. Different effect. Many say it’s more heady. Send it to a lab the tests for it. Your lab is a bunch of dinguses if they would rather blame you for “over cooking it” than admitting that they don’t test for things they should lol


You may have just discovered A remediation technique. That would be worth a lot more than isolating cannabinoids.

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id say delta 8 gives me far more munchies than delta 9


I think I’m messing it up with THCV in my head in regards to appetite effects. Edit you’re right

No cannabinoid has given me munchies in 5+ years. It used to when I was younger. If they isolate something that increases my appetite successfully I’d be all over it.


Munchies from weed?

I weighed 165# when I graduated in 93. I still weigh 165 currently. Zero munchies from cannabis.


The blue is isomerization of certain terpenes into azulene

T5 particles or carbon will cause d8, sounds like some filter media got passed your filter.

The clay actually interacts with the crude

This is why I’ve been wanting to know what exactly t5 is made of

If we knew the composition we would know why it makes d8


sounds like some filter media got passed your filter.

This is the only thing I can think of… It just doesn’t seem likely. We do a nice fat celite cake over double filter papers. Everything is clean before we start. No channeling. We pour solution very gently onto filter cake. We even put another filter paper on top to diffuse the pressure of the solution so it doesn’t move the cake. My funnel doesn’t have a fritted disc and that’s the only thing more I think I could do.

I’m ditching T5 for now. I only used it because I ran out of p6000.

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Any dry ice in direct contact during extraction ?
Outdoor biomass ?
Any wild fires near the crop when grown ?


Dry ice = oh yes. lots and lots
greenhouse/outdoor material.

wildfires are possible, but not sure. (eastern washington)

also this is the sulfur treated material I mentioned in another post.

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I do di directly in my etoh and trim. Zero azulene in any of my spd runs.

Etoh ph is 3.5

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Testing for only 5 cannabinoids is pretty lame. Even hemp testing labs test for more than that. I see 13 as the typical number of cannabinoids tested by all the labs I deal with here in CO and I don’t think other states are much different than that.

O shit guess you got to have a call with Houston
This is a hard cookie to crack so many options to get these results