Distillate Market Oversaturation

How long until this conversion wave completely crashes the legit/black market?
Every single day i see an extractor offering a cheaper price. I see huge companies converting their stocks into D8. 10s of 1000s of liters are being produced today that were not being produced a month ago. I can see the cartridge/edible market bottoming out as well.
If i had to guess, i would say that these markets will become virtually unprofitable in the coming months, save for the large entities who maintain contracts.


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Duh …

This is oil. Stack it high and sell it cheap.


-UCD= uncut disty - Well. Maybe they can start infusing other products like salves, tincs and patches. They could potentially spray ucd onto flower, make moon rocks with ucd, make ucd capsules to eat, ucd infused sodas, ucd everything!!!

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The market is already splitting up.

People want just d9. People just want d8. If you have both in one you won’t be able to sell it in like a month.

So most of it will be useless.


The federal government is the real d8 wild card, in my opinion at least. It would make sense for them to wait for the small players to wash out so the money then gets concentrated in just a few big companies. Then come the lawsuits and property seizures, possibly arrests too but not necessarily. And then when d8 is considered black market in most places, the value will shoot up again simply because it is illegal.


Law is interpretered.

Treat it like it’s illegal - or ya going to be the face of a case.


September 18th of 2021.
We got awhile before everyone knows it like they do SPD or CRC. New acronym will be CVD9


That’s an oddly specific date isn’t it? Care to elaborate?

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I concur.

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That’s like 3 days before my birthday; I cant decide if that’s a good or bad bday present


Gotta convert and remediate them all. This will be a long game of who has the next hot cannabinoid and with the cat out of the bag that cbd conversions are mass producible those who continue to push for the more expensive “next” product will be always one step ahead. Like all these guys who have been doing d8 for a year + now. It’s a hot topic because education is building. Retail market reaction will be something new compared to cbd. Licensing will come into place in most all states before more federal guidelines. Anyone trying to make money on d8 can for now. A year from now? I think we will see more variety and another wave. I don’t see this market bottoming out. Just gaining more global presence and exporting and more competition.

I don’t see this d8 wave crashing the d9 products. D8 sauce and diamonds? D8 live? No such capable product. You can make D8thca and add cannabis or hemp terpenes and damn sure I’d like to see that, but I don’t see that market any time soon.

D9 products have longevity to them and no convincing necessary. D8 will need explanation and education for licensed retailers. The fact d8 is revitalizing the cbd market is good news to me.

Cbd recycling services for d8 are being offered essentially now. New business has been made from science. I only see more business being made. Yes the high price per kilo will drop surely over a very limited time. I just don’t see education rocketing as fast as feared. For consumers or government.


But cbd converted to 90%+ d9 will crash the d9 market.
As soon as they get it recarbed, its game over.
Only thing worth it after that will be growing some indoor fire “runtz”.
Imagine 0.70/g cbd → 1.50/g converted d9 → 3/g recarbed thca.
Thats if ur greedy and take a 100% profit for a 90%+ yielding procedure.
So the prices for cannabis terps and HTE portions of the genuine sauce, will skyrocket soon.

Im curious though, can u get cbd in the metrc system, convert it to d9 and sell it on the metrc system?

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Fair point about the d9 conversions destroying the market. I didn’t take that into consideration. I just don’t see the sauce jar market going away any time soon. Lives and genuine canna terpenes are definitely going to go up in value.

In short term, this market is a little bit…painful. But I believe in mid and longer term, it’s optimistic .

“Wellness trends will increase in the next few years, and CBD fits into that”

About 60% of more than 2500 survey respondents across the US, Canada and UK said they were unlikely to change their consumption behaviors, while over 25% expected to increase consumption.

“Wellness will play a much bigger part in our lives”
From: The world after coronavirus ‘looks bright for investment in CBD’

328 million (US Population) x 85 (average weight in kg) = 27Billion kg of body weight.

Recommended dose would be 5mg/kg of body weight.

135 Billion mg of CBD. = 135 Million g of CBD = 135,000kg of cbd.

So basically our cap is 49.3 million kg of cbd for the year.

Now if u converted all of that into d9/d8 thc, im sure u still wouldnt have enough d9/d8 to go around. We produce alot, but also alot of our country cant openly endulge.

People were stocking up on cbd because they didnt want to sell at the cheaper and cheaper prices.
I have a feeling now. No one is gonna sit on cbd end of this year, everyone will be sitting on d8, unless they have lawyers telling em otherwise.

I was telling everyone this at the GLG meetup in like Nov 19’. CBD is the feedstock to all cannabinoids going forward. CBD is overproduced about 4-10X more than demand so it has to go somewhere and really the largest market is D9 so to start the goal will be to create the best ratio of D9:D8 as possible. Someone with a 90:10 SOP is going to get much better pricing than a 70:30 ratio, but that will crash the THC market and be short lived. Then will start working down the long list of analogs to explore. I think that growing THC dominant plants next year is going to be a waste of time and the only value there will be in the terpene profile.


5%+ terp variety and just terp distill all of it!
Things are finally getting cheap enough that u gotta use each plant for its own strengths.
Fun times

I don’t see it completely crashing the market retail will always be profitable with cartridges.

I call 2021 is the introduction of new varieties with a much greater ratio of terpenes to cannabinoids. I remember some strain that would have fairly low THC potency but everyone loved it. After testing it was revealed it was produced like 40% terpenes which was interesting at the time, but not enough to keep breeding.

Lol 40% terps on bud?
Max ive ever seen is 8-9% i believe it was a sour apple cross.