Distillate Color issues after silica column remediation

Any ideas on why the color of the distillate is changing from a gold to a greenish tint after being run through a silica column used to remediate pesticides?

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Is this first pass? What are the pH levels? Do you have a photo by chance?


what grade silica? how deep a bed? 1st use?
Operator understand what they’re doing?!?

if you remove the carotenoids, might gold become a greenish tint?


@cyclopath. is silica the standard pesticide removal. whats that PR stuff made of

and uve got me on the hook. what could he have done wrong. i think he dissolved in heptane then ran through this. what would cause this other than ph

@ibm123. make sure to give all the details and pics when making a thread to get the correct help

his solvent is heptane

no. “silica” is generally not considered the same thing as “activated magnesium silicate” which is what (eg) BVV sells as “Magsil-PR ®”.

chromatography is about separation, the name was coined by someone who separated out the pigments (colors) in chlorophyl.

you add your sample on the top, and wash it through your bed using a solvent (stationary vs mobile phase). you achieve separation based on how long it takes the various components to be washed/carried through the column.

how much solvent it takes to get the goods through, but leave the pesticides in the column will depend on things like temp and bed depth.

if (for instance) your buddy washed everything except the orange colors off his column with heptane, he might be left with a greenish tint if this color was there to begin with.

the green could be there from the last time the media was used.

the green might be pH based phenomenon. or a chemical reaction.


Depends on the type of silica. We use a 3 tiered setup. Magsil is what we use for pesticide removal as our silica.

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Are you doing anything to remove chlorophyll during your post-extraction process?


i thought being gold before hes void anything green but maybe not

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HI…Id like to try the Magsil…what are the other layers in your 3 tiered setup? Ive been adjusting the PH using citric acid which is helping the color a lot but now Im getting a lot of oxcidation…