Distillate COA Question?

When reviewing a COA, and say it has 70% cannabinoids. Is that just the cannabinoids they test for? What makes up the other 30%? Thanks.

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Do you see terpene contents listed on the COA? Terpenes could make up some of that 30%. Depending on what cannabinoids the lab testing company has standards to test for, some of that 30% could also be cannabinoids that they are not able to test for.

Edit: I see now in the title that it is distillate that you were having tested. In that case, I would say unless it’s a first pass that still has a very high terpene content (unlikely) - you are seeing a conversion during your distillation process and the cannabinoid you are creating is not being tested for by the lab testing company.

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Appreciate it. Possibly some Terps, but most of that should have been removed during distillation, right? And as far as fats and waxes. If it has been winterized and filtered before distillation, that shouldn’t make up the bulk either, no? I agree there are some Cannabinoids they don’t test for in that percentage. I just wonder how much.

What percentage of cannabinoids are you used to seeing on your distillate COAs? Most people strive for above 90%, because you are right, all terpenes, fats, lipids, and other undesirables should have been removed before or during the distillation process. In my experience, a distillate COA coming back at 70% total cannabinoids tends to mean you have a conversion happening in your boiling flask. Have you tried testing the pH of your crude prior to distillation?


No. What should the PH tell me? Thanks

If your pH is too far from neutral that would be a good indication that you are seeing a conversion happening and are making a cannabinoid that your testing company can not test for


If the ph is low, there goes all your thc when you distill



No problem. If you can’t solve the issue yourself (adjusting pH of crude can be trickier than it sounds) there are a number of consultants on here that have successfully helped solve this exact issue

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I have never adjusted pH on crude before, wouldn’t dissolving in pentane and doing water washes until the water comes back neutral be a good method?

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Can you post the COA?

Appreciate it. I’m not currently having an issue, just more curiosity. I am currently looking for Mother Liquor and wanted to understand the COA a little better. “Other” cannabinoids seems to be the general consensus. Thanks for the participation. I like to be educated on these things.

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It was a general question about COAs. You know it never reads 100% Total Cannabinoids. The closest is isolate, of course. I just wanted to know opinions on what the “rest” was. I would be happy to hear yours. Thanks

I have all those same questions on the COAs as you do–especially for anything like fragrance free terpenes and thinning agents. What the heck is in that soup?



If you’re looking at mother liquor, why tell us you’re looking at distillate?!?

Can you define mother liqour?

So should the cannabinoid content be higher or lower than distillate?

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See: Whats in my Cannabis? A Unified Manifest of Cannabis Constituents

Start from the premise that there ARE no new questions. Only other ways of asking them. the more basic the question, the further back (in time) you need to go for a salient answer.

Have you explored the data dump?


The mother liquor is distillate by strict definition

Edit: i am thinking CBD. Ignore me


Was asking OP for their definition.

(We have folks arriving here who have making “distillate” as recovering their ethanol.)

OP’s definition may or may not be different than yours…or mine.

Mine includes having had that which will crystallize crystallized.

So I would expect an entirely different cannabinoid profile from “distillate”.

70% cannabinoids seems high for ML.

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No. Unless you admit to being @GummyChad’s alt.

And even then I’m going to throw maths at you.:rofl:

1kg of 90% CBD distillate. You manage to get your ML to 30% CBD when your done.

Your 10% “not CBD” has now become 70% not-CBD right?

If we assume that 1/2 of your original “not-cbd” was cannabinoids, you’re still at 35% “hmmm, wonder what this is” in your (spent) mother liquor.

Edit: the math is also for you @masterginxx. You should now go wrap your head around mass balance. Especially if the above doesn’t make sense.