Display Distillate Cartridge Fill Recommendations

I am wondering what non-cannabis derived oils/other compounds people here have used to make display cartridges.

I’m looking for something that looks like light yellow distillate and is thick like distillate that I can use to make display cartridges that won’t leak and has oil inside that moves like distillate in the cartridge.

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Why not just display ones with distillate?


If you can’t have distillate in it why does it need to move like it? It’s just a display.

There’s stuff out there with similar consistency but I don’t even understand why it matters.


well when you are trying to scam someone its really important it looks like real distillate

edit: After reading his previous posts it doesn’t look like hes a scammer so I’m putting the pitchfork down for now


liquid soy lecithinU22f5996e16a044f68324057f55a46bbaG

i had someone swipe my display carts before. I used this for the replacements.


Oil soluble beta-carotene

thats a little reddish?

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Here’s mine.

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fair enough

T-free CBD distillate.

I don’t think you need to use fake distillate. We have carts made out of materials that will not react with your distillate over time.

vitamin e acetate


A 1:1 ratio of Aunt Jemima to Mrs. Buttersworth works well


I’m just trying to finish an assignment at work and not have my display carts leak because the fill I used was too thin.

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Unfortunately I have to avoid cannabis oils, I would be worried the CBD distillate would crystalize in the pen. @NorCal what’s that you made in the jar?

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Use pine resin it won’t leak out it’s what all the cart cutter used.


It’s a formulation of beta-carotene and a carrier oil. It is “runny” but not as much as mct.

Dye some corn syrup and load it up


Oh ok, then I guess it’s time to get creative. I’m sure someone on here can help you out.