Dispensing and an awesome website for other tinkers

@Soxhlet First your hella right about giant caulking guns being a very real possibility they even hav pneumatic and electric drill powered ones that seem perfect lol. during our last back and forth about 3d printers, electronics and dispensing i meant to ask you if u had ever heard of this website but i forgot. Luckily it found me and it was very relevant so i thought id post it. Ive known about this sites for years and i really like it, its like etsy but for programmers, makers and electronic tinkerers. There is some really cool stuff on their and some crazy over my head shit thats always fun to read about lol


So we messed with air powered dispensers a long time ago, they have a few drawbacks. First as temp changes, so does viscosity. This fluctuation will often have the operator chasing the dispenser timer up and down to adjust, then re adjust. Fluctuations in your air compressor can also have this effect on your dispensing as well. We tried filling pills and carts like this, volumetric metering is a better solution imo.

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