Dispensary death

In Oregon now it appears my list of medical card growers and medicinal dispensaries has grown VERY short. I knew in my gut when we passed recreational that it would kill the medical growers and providers in place.

I do not know what regulations were put in place or if the regs just started being enforced but as a patient that cannot do a grow for myself it appears as if finding a grower (and the associated HUGE cost saving) as an ommp patient is becoming tough when once growers went looking.

The flipside to the concern is that recreational sellers do not tax the unworkable 25% point of sale tax so long as I am a patient. This still means though that I am purchasing retail instead of any real option to find an ommp grower now and in that way without question taxes get passed along when before they were not.

I say the 25% point of sales tax is unworkable because historically going back thousands of years, the higher the tax goes beyond about 5% the more incentive there is for illegal profiteering. Once a tax gets above 15% in even besieged cities history record goods are smuggled in and made available by those who really need the earnings. Good lord at 25% point of sale tax to buy cannabis products in a state that allows EVERYONE to grow it, use it, and posess it without any tax makes black marketeering nearly impossible to detect, let alone correct. And then we are saddled with precisely what the law was meant to alleviate - more law enforcement efforts aimed at black marketeering! All because the biggest marketeer in the game wants a 25% ON THE TOP cut of the dope deal…
(and frankly some of the legit flower I seen is some bunk shit)
Rant over.


You find a grower, I’ll get you crude…


I want to Rant! Rabble Rabble Rabble! :upside_down_face:

But seriously, this feels somewhat applicable to the general tone you struck and as much as I try to abstain from being in any way divisive in these volatile times, I feel a need to voice the following about marijuana taxes and the opioid epidemic:

We have a candidate running for governor in Colorado, Walker Stapleton. I am attaching quote from an article and going to throw in what I heard him say recently on a radio interview although I have no source. On the radio he said he wanted to increase taxes on medical marijuana 100%, the article reads ("Stapleton has called for greater oversight of medical marijuana, arguing in an op-ed that just 24 doctors have issued “the majority” of prescriptions for nearly 100,000 medical marijuana cards. He agreed that there are legitimate medical uses of marijuana, but said it’s “way too easy” to game the medical marijuana system, which allows users to buy without paying county or state tax.)

Again, I’m here to talk about the tax and opioid epidemic issue…
First, this is a guy who said he would decrease taxes across the board to help Coloradans keep more of their hard earned money, is increasing taxes on medical marijuana a tax decrease? I cannot follow this logic.
Second, we are in the midst of an opioid epidemic, and have been for far longer than the government has been willing to admit. WHY are we going to punish those who may be seeking viable alternatives with higher taxes?! We do pay 2.9% State Tax on it currently and local taxes if they decide to impose them. It seems to me that, regardless of your political persuasions, we all seem to agree that healthcare and insurance in the US is out of control in regards to cost and that certain groups have been corruptly poisoning our countrymen for the sake of profit.

Can we not have even a single bastion? I’ve lost quite a few close friends to opioid overdoses and have seen many throwing away years of their lives.

Research suggests that the availability of Marijuana is helping to quell this epidemic which is costing us all dearly [Opioid Use Lower in States that Eased Marijuana Laws].

I’ll end here without getting into any nitty gritty… I just don’t want to see us kick people when they are down.


Where in the state are you located? We’re trying to rebuild a patient-caregiver network, it’s the only affordable route for high-use patients.

Need some outdoor medical flower? I have 2 grandfathered farms in Southern Oregon and will be driving down and back next week.


I am fine thanks. Very thoughtful.

Same as you and me. OR.

If there is a legitimate patient grower network I would be eager to participate. A long time friend of mine had to call it quits. He said that the requirements as just a medical grower and not a recreational grower became more than he could hope to earn. Something about tracking every leaf and bud and all the hassles he said it is time to look elsewhere for his daily bread.

I am a zero hassle patient. I want a legitimate grower and card primarily so in case anyone ever gets ingerested in a legal sense in my video efforts that I will be covered (given the small personal quantities). Frankly the card is meant not so much for any law enforcement but if my apartments took issue with refining then a valid patient card would go a long way to smooth things over. Pure politics lolz. I did not mean to search for a new grower/care provider in the post. I was just ranting at the incredible sort sighted nature of these twisted up laws that redefine hydrocarbons, make farmers place their plants under house arrest with a monitor, and treat this plant in use for 15,000 years without human fatality as if we arr cloning the imminent destruction of western society…

The lunacy of these laws is the gold rush fever the states themselves are now caught up in just as the first folks rushing into the trade hoping to hit the motherload. Now it is the states that want ALL the motherload and they have forgotten the golden rule an a booming industry that brings in good tax revenue - the higher you raise the tax the lower the revenue becomes and this is no conspiracy theory. Economics records this over and over again over thousands of years. The break point seems to be 4%. Any interest rate charged or tax levied over about four percent is where things begin to go south historically. This kills all hope of legitimate industry and ensures a healthy black market and this plays out over the millenia. Oregon is missing out out buckets of cash because it is trying to grab any and all potential profit right off the top with ZERO input helping create the wealth. It is highway robbery and this alone is shooting Oregon in the foot.

@cyclopath has my regular email. If this group is putting together a network of patients perhaps he can pass along my contact info to anyone who can help. Then I can quickly provide my info and also provide a new doctor form to fill out.


The term you’re looking for is the “Laffer Curve”.