Discounts on Labs equipment ( rotovap,chiller...) in the first month of the New year



Hi buddy,

do not think that you know more.
pls do not think that all equipment from China are bad quality.
You probably encountered some problem with China company, but it does not represent that all of them are bad, you know?
This is simple truth for everything.


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No that’s how I know all this. We only work with one factory. Our reactors and rotovaps are made in China but that’s about it.


@goldleaf_scientific Good point about Chinese gear as it applies to cannabis …

@BromaW Why cant I find a SPD head with optimal designs that allow packing much like the summit fraction collector or the 2pc silvered LS heads ?

Also China mantles … why cant I find a glas-col heavy duty equivalent ?

Do you offer a SPD head that is superior when used for Cannabis ?


The Chinese gear is really solid and they can do it for 1/8 of the cost. I’m not sure why you guys are so elitist or rude. Most of you who buy an ‘American’ roto are getting one of Terrylu’s that have been remarked 3 times over.


I have been using almost everything Chinese made with very few issues, the quality is not the best but it works. For short term investment to get up and running I wouldn’t hesitate. Upgrade as you need , if you need. I am on very limited income and it takes me a bit to save for the next upgrade. I have dealt with Zhengzhou Keda Machinery And Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. With great success. And have seen the invoices for several pieces of equipment from Terry-Lu @Lanphan . Prices are better then most.


Thank you.
If you want the quotation, just dm me and I will provide best price with u


Amen @gonzo. @goldleaf_scientific sounds like you are saying that no one should buy Chinese unless straight from the manufacturer? Why would anyone buy from you then, or any of the other hundreds of resellers? Are you saying that you are the only one that can find good Chinese equipment and that @BromaW offers inferior products to the Chinese gear you sell? Have you done business with Terry or his company? Because there are folks who have and vouched for his equipment and service on this thread.


I agree! As I mentioned you can certainly find good quality products made in China, but many times this is not true so the buyer must be wary and research. Many of the “factories” you suggest in China make only small changes, or are not qualified or experienced enough to assemble but do so regardless. There are only a few factories that can fully produce the item.


No I’m saying if you don’t buy from the factory you are paying a mark up. Whether that mark up is worth it is up to you. I can’t speak for other resellers but for us we stock replacement parts, offer repairs, do customization, and actually know how you plan to use the equipment.

I do not know Terry and my posts were in no way meant to target him, rather it was meant to let US buyers know the situation fully


Apologies for the docking tone of the post. It’s a crazy world out there and the risk seems pretty high with critical pieces of glass ware like roots and spd’s. It would be great if there was a list of Chinese manufacturers to steal clear of. Did you go visit China when vetting manufacturers?


Everything will get better, trust me.


This is our new rotovap with two condensers and receiving bottle.
There are 10L, 20L, 30L and 50L model.
If anyone want the quotation,just DM on this forum.





My factory will stop manufacturing lab equipment on 25th. January.
And we will have a holidays for China New Year until February.
So if you want to purchase lab equipment, pls dm me early


I placed an order and paid for it on January 11, so I’ll keep in touch on how it goes.

For (1) 50L rotary evaporator (R-1050)

Hopefully it ships out soon… :slight_smile:


Any updates, I will let you know


when he says “stop”, he means, “take a vacation”. For the Chinese New Year…



I am terry and just change mi previous ID
Do not worry, I will send the rotovap to u before holidays


Pls tell me the requirement such as size or something for spd head.