Discounts on Labs equipment ( rotovap,chiller...) in the first month of the New year



Still have discount with u.
Just do not mention this forum in my company web and ins


absolutely. there was certainly a fair amount of copy paste as well, but sales is after-all sales.

the issue is that @BromaW did offer a discount. so of course somebody asked for it.

it is the logic behind withdrawing that discount because someone who is not a member here asked for it by name that I am questioning.

        "hi, I'd like the discount?"

              "which discount?"

         "the one @TerryLu-Manager said I shouldn't mention" 

how else is that going to go down?

@sidco? can you tell us how many non-logged in users have read this thread?

Edit: thank you @BromaW we appreciate the reprieve!

I’m still not clear on how we can control what strangers browsing our site do.

Perhaps if you gave us a “discountcode”? ie rather than tell us what not to mention, give us a word we can or infact must use in order to get the discount.

“goodlife-gang” is the first that springs to mind, but essentially anything would work.

even “dw_extracts” if you’d like to be ironic about it :wink:


I just remind you of that do not mention.
I know it is not controlled, but if we could do it well, it is also ok.


Fight club tactics


1st rule of the discount. Is to not mention the discount.


could mention discount on this forum.
but do not mention in company web, ig and so on.


Can you clarify what you mean by “my company web” and “ins”?

Do you mean your inbox here on future4200? and your company email?


I mentioned in the email with Terry, something about the “forum” and he asked me not to say that word in our communications.

So, maybe it’s against the law for Chinese to visit such places or something like that. You know they have very stringent internet laws.


Noir is not against China laws.
Just I have spent much money on Alibaba, and I want my employees to use Alibaba.
Do not want them to be distracted.


My company official website and Instagram.
Trust me, if you dm me by the forum, I will provide good price with u.


So if u need the quotation for equipment, just send dm to me. It is ok.
Still good price with u


@BromaW Gave me a great quote on one of these. The shipping price was good based on the size of the unit. I will not post the price with respects to @BromaW but his prices seem to be almost unbeatable.


I am terry.


I just change my head portrait and now still use previous portrait


Yes, I just received my shipment from him. It came packaged very well, I was impressed with how much care was given. I’ve ordered glass from other China companies in the past that was packaged poorly and had several broken parts. So I was happy to see that there was no damage at all. Also the shipping was fairly quick. I definitely recommend ordering from him.

From what I can tell, Lanphan Industries is the main manufacture for the RE series rotovaps. I’m glad someone in one of my posts said to check them out, because they are selling for twice as much in the U.S.


Pls see thr package and they are waited to be sent, such as rotovap, chiller and on on.


Ok so I’ve been around the block with the Chinese sellers. The fact is that most are simply resellers and neither have control over the products they sell or even the knowledge on how they apply to this industry. These “trading companies” hopelessly compete for search rankings on Alibaba among each other because they all sell the same product. There are only a handful of factories but thousands of resellers. So when you deal with a Chinese seller they are most likely a trading company. If you find the manufacturer then you can eliminate the mark-up by the trading company and deal directly with the factory. Just because prices are cheap doesn’t mean you aren’t getting ripped off.


Be wary of Chinese equipment and make sure to do your research. You can find good quality but its rare. You will be better off not wasting your time looking.
I can only imagine how much distillate was destroyed by crap glass. I wonder how much will fail heavy metal screening because of those Chinese steel WFE’s.


I think u wrong.
Firstly, there are many manufacturers in China.
Second, they sell lab equipment to not only China market, but also foreign market; so they have other department for foreign market, just called trade company.
So many manufacturer will establish department in order to sell to foreign market.


So all your products are usa made, roto,chillers, reactors etc.