Discounts on Labs equipment ( rotovap,chiller...) in the first month of the New year



In first month, I will provide best price with everyone who send the inquiry to me.
Just DM me or by the contact info in my profile.

Note: If you browse my company web, just say my name and do not mention this forum or furture4200.
It is important because as a manager,I spent much money on Alibaba and web, I do not want my employees to be distracted and just want them to use Alibaba.

The main products are rotovap, chiller, SPD, vacuum pump, glass reactor, drying oven, molecular distillation and so on.

Welcome your inquiries.

Wishing you a very happy and blissful NEW YEAR-2019,
I wish you to be rich in health, wealth, prosperity, peace and harmony throughout the year.


Can I ask, how did you find this site?


just search by Google.


Screams scam to me but idk


do not know what? my company?


welcome your inquiry.
If u have some question about equipment, just comment and I will help u as far as possible


Can anyone verify that this is a trusted seller?


Ya terrylu is good he’s with lanphan, a chinese equip manu


Because someone browse my company web and mention this forum and my name.
So I will not provide any discount with anyone from this forum.



so no discount now? :frowning:


His ins id is dw_extracts
Because he browse my company web and mention this post for discount, so will not provide any discount.



Why does it matter if someone browsed your website and mentioned this site?


that response would sit a whole lot better if the ONLY posts on here mentioning @BromaW were in this thread, but you’ve dropped your information dozens of times, all over the site. most of them identical posts. and nobody complained.

you’ve now got 3000+ members, and at least 2x that many lurkers wondering why they should buy from you.

you’ve got me wondering why I sent business your way.

there is no @dw_extracts registered here, so your punishing us for something beyond our control. are you sure that’s the route you want to take?


An I have found that propel, his ins ID is dw_extracts.
Come to my company web and say I said that discounts on this forum.


Well he’s is not a member here. If he is. Please tag him in on this thread.

You have spammed the shit out of the forum with copy and paste post. You have not contributed at all here. We would like to have more people here that can help others.

I can spam the shit out of the forum too but I choose to help people rather than try to get sales


I say his ins ID, not this forum register’s name.


Have you ever worked in sales? :slight_smile: TerryLu has been fairly helpful and I’ve seen him step in on a lot of threads that use his equipment and be helpful. I’d say a lot of bigger people are using versions (if not rebranded) of their equipment.

You should check out the thread where he posted some pictures of their plant, it was quite interesting to see everything and imagine what their day is like.


somebody that browsed this website, saw that you had offered a discount, and said so…

which makes it our fault?

it’s certainly your prerogative to give discounts or not give discounts to whomever you please.

how do you suggest we control what people who read your posts do?
other than not let you post?


So is this a yes or no on the discount?

Fightclub discount from Lanphan

I understand.

I just want to remind of that pls do not mention in my company web or my company ins.
It is important to us.
I will solve it and continue to provide good price with you on January.
So pls do not worry about it.
And also welcome you introduce your friend to me.
Pls do not mention this forum