Ding and Dent P5-24XT Ductless Fume Hood for sale

Hi guys,

I’m Taylor, with The Lab Depot. We’re a lab supply and equipment distributor in Dawsonville, Georgia. You can view more information about us, as well as our products at labdepotinc.com.

We currently have a ding and dent P5-24XT ductless fume hood for sale, priced at $1760 USD which includes the unit, installed prefilters, a GP plus filter (for use with organic acids, solvents and alcohols), and shipping to anywhere within US. This is $600 in savings off current price!

Photos attached. The damage is very superficial, and located only on the motor portion. The enclosure is brand new, and the whole unit comes with a limited warranty (1.5 years left).

I’d be happy to work up a quote or provide any additional info if needed.