Diffusion pump

Hey guys,

So I shut down my wiped film evaporator and left the pump on to cool down for a bit before I shut the whole thing off.

I then went to get some food and came back to see someone turned the pump off prematurely despite my constant explicit instructions to let the thing cool down first.

What kind of problems should I look for? My man ace / @Lilibel told me the oil can oxidize very easily.

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If the oil was really hot you could have smoked it, check for oil contamination upstream with a blacklight. Hydrocarbons will flurece under blacklight. Change the oil, check for contamination, clean then reassemble! It is possible that the jetstack has some char in it, you can take it out and lightly scrub it with scotchbrite and acetone, then reassemble.Diff pumps are pretty indestructable, clean them out and change the oil and your good to go!


Can you link me a high quality oil

Also, the pump was isolated with valves closed and mechanical pump was on up until they shut it down so the only oxygen would be from a leak I guess @Soxhlet

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try the 702 :crazy_face::+1:

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If it was isolated the oil might be fine, what did your vac guage say when you got back?

Idk because the guage is on the rest of the system :man_facepalming:

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all good, your pump is a survivor lol!