Diamonds mistake

So I tried a diamond run using the sauce tek, however it was my first go and at the time pretty new to extraction. I used 1 can per oz closed column and blew 3lbs. I understand now I probably wasted a ton of material, anyways I used the outside temps of mid November to start my blooms, it was going great I had great crystalization but I burped my jar too much being scared and inexperienced my jar would blow, I was left with a decent amount of sauce on the bottom. Now I do have a decent white line along the edges and bottom of the jar it has been sitting in my closet capped opened once or twice since November till last week. I ran another batch into it to see if I could re cap and get my crystals back , but I let too much out again so back to like an inch of sauce. The temp in my closet varies from 60-85 degrees. My question was if I add solvent or blast another batch into the same jar and cap it correctly can I recrystallize? Do I need those temps, would the “dust” on the bottom of the jar help.

That was then and here is now


Did you take photos of my jar? The shit looks exact same, had a family member release excessive pressure cause they thought it was dangerous.

So I’m pretty sure for me it was not enough butane pressure. Going to rerun this weekend to try again.

Also I dewax my butane filled extract via water aspirator after 6 hour dry ice acetone cooler freezer.

You can recrystalize.

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