Diamond Mining

Hi, I’m thinking of making a diamond miner as I’ve heard of jars explaining. I read into the tech a bit but i don’t own a recovery pump. I’m wondering if anyone can give me ideas on how to build a miner… Lmao as well as what telling me what the hell a miner is and how to use one. Optimal price range is below 450$. Safety is my #1 priority so i want to make a miner…I


you can easily figure it out by looking at the miners for sale and sourcing your own stainless steel parts


hint: forming crystals requires slow evaporation.

if your miner doesn’t leak (ie have a valve you can “burp” it with), you can have your near saturated solution in there forever and it won’t ever crystallize.

given that they are see-through, jars do explain better than stainless…they apparently leak just right too :wink: