Diamond mining with weather and neglect?

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So let’s say you did a closed loop extraction on 0°c material, with a setup that has the column isolated from the collection pot and just left the collection completely shutoff outdoors which is 0°c - -10°c, would a cold crash happen or anything good happen if it were to stay in between those temps or would it just be a dumbass idea?

Like no recovery down to a saturation, I mean a collection pot with a full extraction yeild sitting in a collection pot outdoors.

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In my experience, you have to get way colder to get THCA to cold-crash than -10 C, especially as dilute as the extract would be with 0 recovery.

If you recover like 80-90% of the solvent, bringing the concentration of THCA in your extract to 40%+, you may be able to crystallize at these temps by just holding. Can’t confirm, though.

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Are we talking ‘Medusa’ fast crash gas or no?

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No we’re not

As mentioned, I don’t know how much will happen with no recovery at all, but if you recover a bit, it will definitely crash out at even higher temps.

Our heater died mid-run so we had to use vacuum to help recover at a lower temp than normal. Heat went down to the 70’s eventually. Crashed hard in our collection pot and formed big blocks of snow white THCA. Heard of some companies doing this on purpose. Not my cup of tea…much rather pour out oil than take apart the collection every run that’s for sure. THCA did come out whiter than centrifuged sugar.


not unless you bring the saturation level up by removing a lot more solvent. But you can reach proper saturation at any temp as long as you have the right amount of solvent left.


Solvent evaporation causes precipitation. And precipitation occurs when a solution has reached its super saturation level. You can cold crash. Hot crash. It doesn’t matter with thca. You just need to hit that super saturation point with your oil and solvent solution. And if you want them crystals to continue to grow then you have to have a controlled evaporation of your solvent. Just remember, as more solvent evaporates your viscosity increases. So a controlled rate of increased heat is needed to maintain that lower viscosity and continue to allow those building blocks to freely move about.