Dewaxing too cold

Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded my CLS to include a 6x40" dewax column.

I move the solvent into this column and let sit for minimum 2 hours with iso and dry ice in the sleeve. The temperature on my infrared gun reads ‘low’ so I know it is beyond -40.

If this temperature is reaching as low as -78, is this proper or could this be causing any good compounds in the oil to be freezing? I filter through 16um then 3um and glass wool, it seems like I am only grabbing waxes and fats but I’ve read that anything colder than -50 will begin freezing the good things in the oil.


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Do you bi directional flood? I would be concerned about yield loss at the initial extraction . Your dewax seems thorough, if you have a cilant complains about weight give them a sandwich bag full of the lipids… it gets the point across.


Below -55 I like right at-55… Make sure your solvent , material gets pre froze, everything everything frozen, you’ll get mainly only the good shit, I thought that completely dewaxed it till someone corrected me on here that it doesn’t get everything but mainly everything. That’s all the steps I ever take in dewaxing, so if your getting cold enough then your not gonna harm any the good, just make sure you run enough solvent,I don’t ever let soak anymore, it for sure makes plant matter get leached in, I’ve did side by side, the no soak perfect, even 15min changed everything from clear to cloudy, and left major residue in nail. Get everything cold before hand, don’t soak, just chill material after loading, and pass right through if entire system and everything down to temp, everything!


If you want to test your method you can try a secondary dewax with etoh, filter it and see what you get.


Oooo I know by no means does this fully dewax, it’s more of a big help, I can promise you vs doing and not you’ll get less doing this

I don’t do bi-directional although I can build for it and test.

I top flood with the material column closed off until the material is covered entirely with solvent, then dump to dewax, and repeat until I reach my desired ratio of solvent.

I never hold the soak longer than a minute - I have an 8" material column with the shower top - logically I can’t see all the material being hit with solvent without a quick soak.

My first few batches are finishing this week and i’ll be able to compare yields to before the dewax. Doesn’t look like it suffered if at all.

Tossing them a bag of the lipids would definitely shut them up haha


I’ve noticed this too, i’ve done 4 batches with the new “true” dewax column where I left all the material to freeze in cryo for 2 days, then ran with -40 solvent, no chilled material column, soak for 1 minute then move to dewax (material column stays -20 minimum).

I will do the next few batches with no soak, freezing material, as well as dryice /iso material column and no soak.

What ratio of solvent do you run?

Is this the way you have seen most people go after the most dewaxed product?

I would like to avoid adding another solvent bcuz of terp loss but since I have spent the money building this dewax and filtration i’m wondering if I should have just chilled my jars after pouring off, and ran it through a buchner lol

Not a good idea to try to vac filter, filtration with positive pressure would be better. That way you wouldn’t force the butane to boil. Precipitation of lipids works better with etoh. Although not so much for flavor retention.

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55/25/20 I’m pretty sure


I’ll experiment. I feel like I am on the right track with this dewax column and 16 + 3um filter but am going to extremely hinder my production if I have to let oil sit for 2+ hours to get the best product.

The first batches I expected to turn out better than they have, i’m chasing the diamonds and clear terp sauces that you see on IG lmao…going to a long road. I’ll update you with some pics of these current batches when they finish this week.


So @fkncoldincanada I’m very interested, are you still using the inline dewax? How do you like, did you get difference when using it? Thanks buddy hope things been going great!

Looks like were on the same trail I just had an inline dewaxer installed on my extractor for this very reason, Ill report back after I play with it.

I’m curious to know how the inline goes…will you do a quality test after to see if all the waxes are pulled and check the filters good…i want a hell yeah it works great, no thc pulled only wax and lipids!!!

Good luck!!

unfortunately I wont be able to test the wax/lipids for another like 2-3 months to see if any thc is getting pulled with it but i will try to do side by sides of the same material dewaxed and not to see the difference in cannabinoid content, consistency and such. Obviously thats only so helpful but once we get out testing going its game on!

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Badass I was just really hoping about the waxes and lipids, maybe you could do a winterization and check the filter paper afterwards…

I’m pretty sure that fully saturated butane at cryo cold only lets the fats and lipids drop but I’m very curious to know every time I’ve ever seen it drop some of the butane had evaporated already, I’m hoping this since is fully saturated, no butane evaporated ,that it’ll stay to the end…the thca that is

Hi StoneD;
you mentioned “nitro” in a dewaxing post about extraction and times of extraction. What is this “nitro” and what does it do. I just bought a butane column and am going to insert it in another tube to make it a dewaxer column. Just want to know if this Nitro thing saves me from doing that.
As I understand the process after vacuuming the system then put the bottom pot in warm water and open the butane gate until it runs clear then set the butane source in ice water and let it collect back into the source container. Am I right StoneD?

Do you have anything else you found about dewaxing and siting vs immediate flowing though the columns? How is that 3 micron screen doing for you? are you running dried or live material. I just got a column and would like to know what works to set mine up please.

hint: try Search results for 'nitro' - Future4200 (it’s a link. click it)

first hit should get you on your way…several other threads you should check out too.

same trick works for almost everything else you might need.

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Nitrogen. It’s an inert gas the extraction industry uses to push the solvent thru the column.