Deutsche processing new wiper

Got to tour deutchse processing and they allowed me to take a video with one of their guys explaining the wiped film they have developed. They have several in stock ready to go out the door so seemed like a good time as any to post the video explaining what they have done. A few notes: their CSO and other lead chemist were out so we got the demo from Monty who I think did a fine job explaining the rig. Two things we noticed, he mentioned dryice in thier traps at one point where they actually use nitrogen, and he speaks about the feed rate. It is meant to be in lph not lpm so unfortunately we aren’t getting 50 liters per min yet :rofl: they were super hospitable and promised to be more active on the forum soon! They are a gang affiliate so reach out to discuss discounts etc.

Sales Account Manager @ Deutsche:
Tyler Marriott


Video size is a bit too big to upload so here’s a link


Perfect video length if you ask me

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Tyler from Deutsche is great. I met him at a beer fest a while back. Unfortunately we changed business plans and didn’t need to buy a machine from them but they are all very stand up guys.

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That looks neat