Demand for THC Remediation Oregon?

Hi All

I am looking to invest in a remediation project in Oregan, But I don’t know what the demand is for this service in this area.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction of who to talk to in that area about how many farmers need the service and what is the sales pipeline for the remediated product.

I am worried about coming into an already flooded market.

Thank you all in advance for your help.

Looking to invest but don’t know what the demand is? Hmmm :thinking:

I honestly wonder how some people come into money

So you come here expecting us to do the leg work for you? :man_facepalming: For what in exchange?

Best believe if I had money I would research before deciding to invest my money in anything

Jeez I dont know, maybe Oregon has a register of hemp farmers in the same way the OLCC has a list of all cannabis licensees with contact info. And um I dunno maybe you could start firing off emails?

Or if you want to pay somebody to do that for you hit my DM

Edit: By the way, the lovely state of waterfalls and douglas firs is called Oregon, not “Oregan” :evergreen_tree:


We has a rec market we can sells our THCs in


That is a interesting way to speak to someone who could pay you for your knowledge.

Not the tactic I would have chosen.


You can pay me to tell you that your investment into a super saturated market is a fool’s errand.

Hit the dm for my PayPal :rofl::joy::rofl:

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There’s still plenty of demand for real chromatography, because the market is sizing up to the fact that most of these so called remediation labs are just blending isolates and calling it a day.

A savvy businessman needs to hit a lot of bases to compete with fraudsters so building up a solid team of knowledgeable people and a killer marketing pitch that can reach a lot of labs and farms is important

Staying on top of current tech is your only chance at survival, and immaculate certifications and accreditation is what you need to aim for.


Hi Rowan

Thank you for the info. I am interested in the extraction of thc from hemp to produce a true broad spectrum cbd oil without the blending of isolates.

Does that still have as many fraudsters in the distillation of hemp? And are farmers sitting on hot crude that is unsellable?

Again thank you for your input!

I sent you a DM but feel free to reach out to my Instagram to chat @vene.ficium

Yea it is an interesting approach. We both know I am being flippant. I don’t have any “knowledge” about the actual current remediation needs of Oregon hemp farmers. I just know where one might could look to get info (the farmers).

Here ya go:
Active Agriculture Licenses in Oregon - ODA
ODA Active License Search

From the dropdown menu choose Hemp Grower registration (or whatever else you may want to see)

When I did it the server returned 340 active licensees when I chose “Hemp Grower Registered” from the dropdown.

Unfortunately it does not appear there is a direct way to export this as a CSV from the browser.
In these situations where there are > 200 rows of data, what I have done in the past is use Python (beautifulsoup and requests libraries) to scrape the page and append the data to a CSV using the CSV module in Python’s standard library. I’ll then dump that CSV into a SQL database to run queries (licenses by county, license exp. date, etc).

Or I wouldn’t be surprised if ODA emails you a list if you request it from them.


Thank you. That is very helpfull info.

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…those are the skills the OP ought should pay for if they can’t manage such wizardry…

It’s why there is a “buy a clue” option in this game

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So, I had this request of one of my bosses at my former job at the company in NorCal. He wanted me to pursue the web and start making a list of strains available in California because the company purchased a licensee for IP from a 3rd party R&D outfit and they essentially dictated product development, manufacturing, packaging etc,. and they were DEAD set on specific strains and alternatives :man_shrugging:

So I was able to work remotely at the time so what did I do? Took a few huge dab rips, fired up the Jupyter Notebook, and wrote a script with python and those libraries to scrape leafly for cannabis products in the legal CA market. And these products were spread over like 20 webpages or so so I would increment the page index in the query parameter in the url to get 'em all.

Then extracted the info from the HTML markup and append it to a CSV file and emailed it - Hear ya go boss!. He thought it took me all day. Took me about 2 hours, 4 dabs, and 1 coffee later. Automation man, its wild.


That’s not automation that’s programming skills. Nice job